Address: Saulėtekio al. 15-1, LT-10224 Vilnius.
Categories: food production and processing equipment; chemical manufacturing; hygiene goods; industrial equipment.
A specialist company for supply of top quality food and dairy machinery from leading European manufacturers. Premium hygiene products and service for food industry. Small dairy and cheese making equipment directly from France. Market knowledge, sound installed base and reliable partners is our key to success...
IOCO Packaging
Address: Pušaloto g. 212, LT-35291 Panevėžys.
Categories: manufacturing; plastic, rubber and its products.
IOCO Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible flexographic printing packages in the Baltic States. UAB „IOCO Packaging“ - Our happy people for success of Your business Export: Germany, Baltic States, Iceland, Northen Countries, Poland, Ireland. IOCO Packaging produces flexo packaging solution for...
Vilkyškių pieninė
Vilvi Group

Address: Prano Lukošaičio g. 14, Vilkyškiai, LT-99254 Pagėgiai.
Categories: milk, milk products; export; food products; manufacturing.
Vilvi Group consists of 4 companies: Vilkyškių pieninė AB, “Modest“ AB, Kelmės pieninė AB and “Pieno logistika“ AB. The group operates 4 food-processing factories that produce exceptional products: Hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses, blue cheese “Memel blue“, which is produced using an original recipe; Cheeses with...
Address: Tilžės g. 133, LT-76349 Šiauliai.
Categories: confectionery, sweets; export; manufacturing.
RŪTA is well-known as a company, which enshrines traditions but also successfully applies up-to-date methods using modern recipes, up to date technologies, innovative range of product, collaboration with scientists, and participation in various EU projects. The company is very proud of its long history, and the...
Baltic Pack
Pakavimo priemonės ir įrengimai maisto pramonei

Address: Ateities pl. 40, LT-52112 Kaunas.
Categories: tare, packings; food production and processing equipment; food products; industrial equipment; plastic, rubber and its products; technological equipment; wholesale.
BALTIC PACK, UAB – ALL PACKAGING OPTIONS Packages and packaging of meat and meat products Packages and packaging of fish and fish products Packages and packaging of dairy products Packages and packaging of bakery and confectionery products Packages and packaging of fruits and vegetables BALTIC PACK, UAB – AREAS OF...
Pakavimo medžiagos

Address: Kalvarijos g. 38, LT-46346 Kaunas.
Categories: tare, packings; dishes and cutlery; plastic, rubber and its products; wholesale.
Private limited liability company Starpakas was registered in Lithuania on 29 July 1999. The company's main business is wholesale of disposable tableware and packaging materials. Our company offers an extensive range of disposable tupperware for hot meal takeaways and for all kinds of celebrations and outdoor...
Address: Europos pr. 96C, LT-46351 Kaunas.
Categories: food products; frozen food; manufacturing; wholesale.
JSC "Judex" is one of the largest Lithuanian companies operating in the modern frozen food industry. Founded in 1995, the company has achieved great success and recognition both in Lithuania and abroad. The company complies with the European Union standards and employs strict quality control in all the...
Nando Europe
Address: H. ir O. Minkovskių g. 152, LT-46244 Kaunas.
Categories: chemical manufacturing; building materials; import; wholesale.
"Nando Europe" is a part of "Nando Holdings" group, which has been supplying raw materials for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and construction industries for over 15 years. Our team takes pride in being more than just a raw material supplier, as we can offer technological solutions for distinctive needs for...

Address: Savanorių pr. 5, LT-03116 Vilnius.
Categories: coffee-bars, nightclubs, bars, restaurants; food delivery at home.
The best place for Georgian cuisine lovers. Haven't tried Georgian food yet? You're missing out! There's nothing better than freshly baked khachapuri with cheese, spicy beef kharcho soup, or khinkali - the renown Georgian dish full of broth and meat, all in a thin dough pouch! We also offer vegetarian options like...
Pieno žvaigždės
Address: Perkūnkiemio g. 3, LT-12127 Vilnius.
Categories: export; food products; manufacturing; milk, milk products.
JSC "Pieno Žvaigždės", founded in 1998, is the biggest and the most up-to-date milk-processing company in the Baltic States. At present it consists of the following manufacturing subsidiaries: Kaunas dairy, Panevėžys dairy, Mažeikiai dairy and Pasvalys cheese manufacturing plant. The company's product sales are...
Meno galerija "Pranas"
Address: I. Simonaitytės g. 4-72, LT-06244 Vilnius.
Categories: food products; alcoholic beverages; soft beverages.
Montady UAB has been created in 2012 and is dedicated to share his passion for high quality french gourmet products. We select the best ingredients and food used by the top European chefs which we propose to our customer here. (foie gras, french cheese, truffle, Dijon mustard....) All our suppliers and products are...
Sūrio distribucija

Address: Gedimino pr. 10-11, LT-01103 Vilnius.
Categories: milk, milk products; food products; retail; wholesale.
International cheese trade
Address: Pramonės g. 3, LT-42150 Rokiškis.
Categories: food stores.
Organiškas pasaulis
Address: Girulių g. 7-79, LT-12124 Vilnius.
Categories: wholesale; ecological products; food products; soft beverages.
La petite France

Address: Smolensko g. 10D-35, LT-03201 Vilnius.
Categories: food stores; alcoholic beverages; coffee, tea.

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