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Company Starpakas

Starpakas, UAB

Pakavimo medžiagos

Registration code 135503731
VAT LT355037314
Manager Nerijus Varžaitis
Address Kalvarijos g. 38, LT-46346 Kaunas
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Accountant phone Starpakas Accountant phone
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Website http://www.starpakas.com
Bank AB SEB bankas
Account number LT737044060002848353
Work hours I-V 8:00 - 16:00
Employees 15 people (insured)
Average salary 2,058.12 € (women 2,023.34 €; men 2,072.03 €) (2022-03)
Social insurance taxes 7,023.92 € (2022-03)
Sales revenue 2020: 4 728 634 € Historical turnover »
Net profit 2020: 251 563 € More »
Transport 2022-01: 3 cars (owns)
Authorized capital 86,886.00 €
Company age 22 years 9 months 23 days
6.0 / 10 (votes 27)
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Private limited liability company Starpakas was registered in Lithuania on 29 July 1999. The company's main business is wholesale of disposable tableware and packaging materials. Our company offers an extensive range of disposable tupperware for hot meal takeaways and for all kinds of celebrations and outdoor picnics. We also sell a variety of packaging materials, packaging films, adhesive tapes, protective films for storage, transportation, furniture, wood processing and food industry applications. Upon customer request, our company's staff will visit your business, advise on choosing a reliable container for product transport and storage, and provide information about the packing options and specifications. We cooperate with packaging manufacturers of Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, and represent them in Lithuania.

Bags, zip bags, zipper lockers, film, stretch film, packaging, packing, packaging film, hand stretch film, film automat, machine film, wrapping, wrapping film, polypropylene, strapping tape, polyethylene, package, packing material, wrapping tape, film dust, transporting film, adheshive tape, acryl, solvent ,tape, strapping tape, thermo film, thermal packaging, plastic, container, boxes food, containers food, cardboard packaging, cardboard sheets, pizza box, carton packaging, foam, food packaging, insulation, insulation material, bubble film, bubble foam, plastic box food, plastic containers, pp tape, packaging tools, tools, Tables film, adhesive tape Tools, metal protective corners, plastic corners, rounded corners, A -shaped corners, Foam shapes, foam packaging protection, metal locks, wire locks , locks the belt, polyester, tape, polyester tape, metal tape, steel tape, plastic locks, cardboard corners, belt tensioners, belt pp strollers, carts band, profiles, Foam shapes, paper tape, painters tape, disposable tableware, cups, thermo cups, cups white, transparent cups, glasses of juice cocktail, cocktails, glasses, cups hot, slides, mugs, beer mugs, containers of beverages, plates, disposable plates , trays with compartments, bowls, plates for dessert, plates, trays, picnic, pallets for celebrations, Foam coasters, trays for meat, biscuits pallets, container sauce, round cups, rectangular dishes, salads, salad dressing bottles, food containers, napkins, paper napkins, containers sushi, sushi packaging, disposable gloves, Serving trays, aluminum packaging containers for cooking, culinary dishes, cups, coffee cups, boxes of food, boxes of food to take away, the foam boxes, hamburger box, hamburger containers, lunch boxes, heat-trapping boxes, heat-retaining containers for soup, soup takeout container, hamburger boxes, coasters chickens, egg tray, container eggs, packaging for eggs, champagne glasses, wine glasses, goblets celebrations, with a pinhole glasses, glasses of drinks to take away paper cups, ice cream cups, cups for freezing, canning jars, disposable cutlery, forks, knives, spoons, stirrers, spoons, dishes tourism, disposable kits, earthworms jars, jars detail, sandwiches and cups, sandwiches, films for food, Films cheese, food film, food film, wrapped food, PE film, PVC film, food-film, aluminum foil, foil baking, confectionery foil, aluminum containers, table food film, baking paper, paper bake, baking

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