Lithuanian company databases

Lithuanian company databases

For your convenience, we can create the company data files (databases) in Excel tables or provide xml access for automated data transfer to your client management, accounting software or online store. In this way, you will save time for transferring data from to your customer management or other system by creating databases. Below, there are two possible data presentation options.

If you need the list of the companies in Excel table, please specify:
1. Criteria for the selection of companies (e.g., only Vilnius and Utena companies with 2-15 employees, business category "logistics", no social security debts, with turnover higher than 10 000 euros). Correct criteria will guarantee the inclusion of the required companies in your list, therefore, consider them well. The list of categories is here.

2. Data, which are necessary, and data, which are optional (e.g., necessary details: telephone, code, address. Preferable, but not required data: manager, fax). The companies without the necessary data will not be included in the list.

3. In some cases, you can know the number of companies by using advanced company search. In this way, before addressing us, you will now the number of companies and approximate price (0,10 euros + VAT / sample data of one company). Minimum order is EUR 200 + VAT. The price may change subject to the required data. In case the customer requests to select the companies, according to his list or to supplement the current company database, the price is 0,10 euros + VAT.

We can select the companies with specific data too: for example, profit, exact turnover, other financial data, EVRK2. In this case, price is determined individually.

Sample list of the companies in xls may be found here.

If you want to automate data transfer from to CRM (customer management), accounting software or online store, we can provide data in xml according to two criteria:
1. Registration code. Example (types of fields may be adjusted).
2. Fragment of company name. Example.

One-time fee for activating API service is EUR 190 + VAT. The annual fee for the data provided and kept up to datedepends on the number of companies for which they are provided.

If you want to order the list of companies or automated data transfer, write here.

The company data may be used only inside your organization, for marketing or similar purposes. Data cannot be transmitted or made public. We are not responsible for accuracy of the data, we provide them "as is". The sale of databases may be restricted considering the quantity, type and purpose of usage of the preferred data.