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Company Lidata

Lidata, UAB

Registration code 125442244
VAT LT254422415
Manager Lionius Treikauskas, direktorius
Address Kalvarijų g. 168, LT-08206 Vilnius
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Website http://www.lidata.lt
Work hours I-IV 09:00-18:00, V 09:00-17:00
Employees 3 people (insured)
Sales revenue 2020: 128 672 € Historical turnover »
Net profit 2020: 8 626 € More »
Authorized capital 2,896.00 €
Company age 21 year 6 months 3 days
2.8 / 10 (votes 287)
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UAB Lidata Is a company that models, develops and produces school uniforms and various businesslike types of clothing, ranging from Airline uniforms to bank-office attire. The company was founded in 2000, and has accumulated a great deal of experience in the field. It has resourceful and reliable suppliers and partners. By using the experience we have accumulated alongside with the clothing designs we create youthful, practical uniforms of great quality.

Our goal – to create a uniform, that is not only clothing, but a part of you and your schools image.

Wear our uniforms and feel great

A school uniform has a lot of perks. Students that wear it are always neat and sharp looking. The uniform is not only universal, but it also helps the students and their parents to get rid of worries, such as what to wear when going to school. Comfortable clothing designs and high quality fabric lets use create uniforms for students and teachers as a fantastic mix of practicality and the official look.

Our assortment:

Textile products (tight silhouette jackets, classic tight shear trousers, skirts,shirts, vests and ties),

Our textile products are made out of high quality, half-wool Italian fabric. The fabric is ordered a year in advance, therefore we guarantee the continuity of the production. The fabric used is specially made for everyday-use. Doesn’t wrinkle easily, easy to iron, resistant to stains and most importantly, looks good.

The fabric is 50% wool, 46% polyester and 4% spandex. The jackets are made by businesslike jacket production technologies.

Products that are knitted are very warm and comfortable because of their contents – 50% wool and 50% polyamide. (jumpers with zippers and button up sweathers with elbow pads, V neck jumpers, vests, polo shirts with long and short sleeves). The knitted products’ detailed look is matched with the look of the school so that the students wear the clothes with great comfort not just during school time, but during free time too.

We make suits and uniforms for teachers by adding stylish accessories and school emblems.

The internet ordering program has been developed, which is easily used by schools because they are given a unique code. It is placed on the schools internet website and the students can view the products and order the products with great ease. The products are delivered to their home or the school, whichever the client prefers.

If an order is made by mistake or there was an error in measuring the clothes, there is a 14 day return policy.

Student measuring in the school.

We bring all of the products to showcase and introduce them to the students so they could get accurate measurements and know which size fits them the best.

The students are measured during an already made try out schedule, so that no time is wasted for the students or the parents (It is best if the parents are present during the measuring of the clothes so that the correct size and model is chosen). After the measuring the students get a purchase order and over the course of 5 working days a bank transfer is made which confirms the order. If the order is made over the internet, the students that have been measured fill out the purchase order and send it via email to the UAB Lidata email [email protected] . Before sending the email, it is advised to confirm all of the information, such as product numbers and etc.

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