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Company A grupė

A grupė, UAB

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Registration code 156514670
VAT LT565146716
Manager Virginijus Vizbaras, gen. direktorius
Address Ruklos g. 14, LT-55198 Jonava
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Website https://www.shop.agrupe.lt
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/agrupeuab/
Bank AB SEB bankas
Account number LT337044060001827469
Work hours I-IV 08.00-12.00 ir 12.45-17.00, V 08.00-12.00 ir 12.45-15.45
Employees 59 people (insured)
SS insurer code 420181
Average salary 954.70 € (2020-06)
Social insurance taxes 10,988.42 € (2020-06)
SODRA (VSDFV) Due to the quarantine information about social security debt from 16 April temporarily will not be published.
Sales revenue 2019: 1 000 001 - 2 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2020-07: 7 cars (owns)
Company age 29 years 7 months 9 days
6.7 / 10 (votes 97)
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UAB „A grupė“ is a weaving factory in Jonava, Lithuania, founded in 1990. The company has over 50 employees. There are weaving, finishing and sewing departments. „A grupė“ produces high quality linen or half linen home textiles.

The factory is proud to offer an extensive collection of half linen terry fabrics with a massaging effect or softened. Their loops are made of 100% linen while the base is pure cotton. For a long time “A grupė” was the only company weaving this type of fabric in Lithuania. Linen terry fabrics are valued for their unique qualities, such as perfect absorbency. Products made of terry fabrics are especially popular in Scandinavian countries, Japan, USA.

The factory weaves wide range of linen, linen blend and cotton fabrics using modern equipment as well as vintage shuttle looms. It allows achieving unique blend of Lithuanian linen traditions and modern trends in our designs.

A grupe’s sewing department manufactures a wide range of home textile products – tablecloths, bedding, bathrobes, products for bath and sauna, goods for kids and much more.

Explore the brand-new “A grupė” linen collection. This fresh, vibrant, and colorful story for 2017-2018 creates the divine feeling of inner contentment and comfort. Nature inspired designs featuring stunning new colors range from stone grey to heavenly blue. The shades of wild flowers are perfect for achieving a light, dreamy, and relaxing atmosphere in your home. With over 30 new outstanding luxury designs to choose from, there is something to suit every interior.

Main production activities – weaving linen, linen/cotton, cotton fabrics, fabric finishing, sewing ready-made home textiles for bedroom, bathroom and sauna, kitchen and table, linen garments and accessories for children.

  • Weaving– linen and other natural fibres’ fabrics, including soft and rough (massaging) terry, plise, goffer, waffle, plain, herringbone and double-sided fabrics. Their widths vary from 50 cm to 260 cm, weights - from 120 gsm to 800gsm;
  • Textile finishing– fabric and ready-made items’ washing, bleaching, dying, softening, tumble-drying, stabilization, other special treatments.
  • Sewing – home textiles for kitchen, bedroom, bath and sauna, and production for kids.

Value added:

  • Wide scope of unique products | Quality ready-made collections where tradition blends with modernity;
  • In-house weaving | Attentiveness from yarn to each item;
  • Flexible manufacturing approach | Ability to work with customer design from scratch;
  • Customer orientation | Exceptional attention to needs of all customers, no MOQ‘s for standard orders;
  • The highest quality standards | Ensured by experienced artisans and efficient in-house quality control;
  • Short product development time | Delivery within 4 weeks after confirmation.

Potential cooperation:

Direct sales of our fabrics and products. We offer a comprehensive collections of linen and linen blend fabrics as well as products including Kitchen &Table linen, Bedlinen, Interior linen, Bathroom linen, Linen for kids.

Manufacturing to your specifications. We can develop a product or a collection to your special design and measures.

Finished products:

towels, bedding, blankets, bedspreads, decorative cushions, tablecloths, napkins, runners, placemats, aprons, curtains, bathrobes, slippers, bathroom and sauna accessories – backwashers, gloves, cosmetic sponges, sauna hats and sauna skirts.


  • TOP LINEN. We are proud to present our collection of plain linen fabrics of natural color as well as bleached or colored design elements. Linen fabric is friction resistant and especially durable. We weave plain fabrics in different widths, starting from 50cm to 260cm.
  • NATURAL/EXCLUSIVE. We are happy to offer extensive collection of linen terry fabrics to our customers. The fabric can be softened or rough. NATURAL collection consists of rough linen terry fabrics which have a massaging effect and doesn‘t irritate skin. All terry fabrics in EXCLUSIVE collection are specially softened and perfect for sensitive skin. Linen terry fabrics are also valued for outstanding moisture absorbency characteristics.
  • PRESTIGE. Linen/cotton Plise, Waffle and Goffer fabrics. We believe linen to be perfect for interior and decorative purposes. The combination of vintage shuttle looms and modern equipment let our artisans achieve diverse and unique range of fabrics.
  • SOFT LINEN. This collection consists of light, specially softened plain linen and half linen fabrics.


Decorative cushions

  • Decorative pillowcases, PRESTIGE, 21x21 cm, 32x32 cm, 42x42 cm


  • Linen sheets, SOFT LINEN, 135x100 cm, 140x200, 150x215, 140x220, 180x275, 200x275, 220x220cm
  • Linen duvet covers, SOFT LINEN, 140x220 cm , 160x200, 200x200, 220x220, 230x240
  • Linen pillowcases, SOFT LINEN, 40x60, 50x60, 50x70, 50x75+5, 70x80, 65x65+4

Blankets and Bedspreads

  • Bedspreads, PRESTIGE, 95x140 cm, 100x140, 110x140, 115x140, 120x140, 200x190, 200x220, 250x250
  • Blankets, PRESTIGE, 110x140, 130x170, 135x190, 145x160, 170x150


  • Curtains, TOP LINEN, 160x260



  • Light linen napkins ,TOP LINEN, 45x45;
  • Linen napkins with handmade fringes, SOFT LINEN, 45x45;
  • Linen napkins with decorative laces, TOP LINEN/SOFT LINEN, 45x45;
  • Linen placemats, TOP LINEN, 32x50.


  • Light linen tablecloths, TOP LINEN, 150x150, 150x200, 150x250, 150x300, 150x350, 150x400;
  • Linen tablecloths with handmade fringes, SOFT LINEN, 180x180, 180x200, 180x250, 180x300, 180x350;
  • Softened linen tablecoths, SOFT LINEN, 150x150, 150x200, 150x250, 150x300, 150x350, 150x400;
  • Linen tablecloths with decorative laces, TOP LINEN/SOFT LINEN, 150x150, 150x200, 150x250, 150x300, 150x350, 150x400.

Table Runners

  • Linen table runners, TOP LINEN, 45x150;
  • Linen table runners with handmade fringes, SOFT LINEN, 45x150;
  • Linen table runners with decorative laces, TOP LINEN/ SOFT LINEN, 45x150;
  • Softened linen table runners, SOFT LINEN, 45x150.


  • Linen aprons, TOP LINEN, 92x98x26;
  • Linen aprons with handmade fringes, SOFT LINEN;
  • Softened linen aprons, SOFT LINEN.

Kitchen towels

  • Cotton kitchen towels, TOP GROUP, 50x70;
  • Linen kitchen towels, TOP LINEN, 50x70;
  • Half linen kitchen towels, TOP LINEN, 50x70;
  • Softened linen kitchen towels, SOFT LINEN, 50x70;


Kids’ Bathrobes

  • Linen terry bathrobes for kids, HAPPY KIDS (95-110 cm height; 134-146 cm height);
  • Linen waffle bathrobes for kids, HAPPY KIDS (95-110 cm height; 134-146 cm height);
  • Plain linen bathrobes for kids (95-110 cm height; 134-146 cm height).

Kids’ Slippers

  • Linen terry slippers for kids , HAPPY KIDS, 33 size;
  • Linen terry slippers with cuffs for kids, HAPPY KIDS, 29 size.

Kids’ Sauna Hats

  • Linen terry sauna hat for kids, HAPPY KIDS, S size, mod. 1;
  • Linen terry sauna hat for kids, HAPPY KIDS, S size, mod. 2;
  • Linen terry sauna hat for kids, HAPPY KIDS, S size, mod. 3.

Backwashers, Cosmetic Sponges, Gloves

  • Linen terry backwashers, HAPPY KIDS, 10x50 cm, mod. 4;
  • Linen terry backwashers with waffle edges, HAPPY KIDS, 10x50 cm, mod. 5;
  • Linen terry cosmetic sponges, HAPPY KIDS, diam. 8,5 cm, diam. 12 cm;
  • Linen terry gloves, HAPPY KIDS, 10x17cm.

Kids’ Linen Towels

  • Linen terry towels with hoods, HAPPY KIDS, 70x75 cm.

Linen Baby bibs

  • Linen terry baby bibs, HAPPY KIDS, 25x32 cm.
  • Linen waffle baby bibs, HAPPY KIDS, 25x32 cm.

Linen Baby Blankets

  • Linen terry baby blanket HAPPY KIDS, 70x75 cm.

Linen Toys

  • Linen teddy bear, HAPPY KIDS, 56 cm;
  • Linen rabbit, HAPPY KIDS, 50 cm.


Linen Bathrobes for Men & Women

  • Linen terry bathrobe, softened, EXCLUSIVE, S, M, L, XL, various models
  • Rough linen terry bathrobe with massaging effect, NATURAL, S, M, L, XL, various models;
  • Softened linen/half linen waffle bathrobes, PRESTIGE, S, M, L, XL, various models;
  • Softened plain linen bathrobes, SOFT LINEN, S, M, L, XL, various models.

Linen Slippers

  • Softened linen terry slippers, EXCLUSIVE, 37,39,41,43,45;
  • Rough linen terry slippers with massaging effect, NATURAL, 37,39,41,43,45;
  • Linen/half linen waffle slippers, PRESTIGE, 37,39,41,43,45.

Linen Turbans

  • Softened linen terry turbans, EXCLUSIVE, 25x70 ;
  • Rough linen terry turbans with massaging effect, NATURAL, 25x70;
  • Linen/half linen waffle turbans, PRESTIGE, 25x70.

Linen Backwashers, Cosmetic Sponges, Gloves

  • Rough linen terry cosmetic sponges with massaging effect, NATURAL diam. 8,5 cm, diam. 12 cm, diam. 15 cm, 15x15 cm, 15x20 cm;
  • Softened linen terry cosmetic sponges for sensitive skin, EXCLUSIVE diam. 8,5 cm, diam. 12 cm, diam. 15 cm, 15x15 cm, 15x20 cm;
  • Rough linen terry gloves with massaging effect, NATURAL, 14x25;
  • Softened linen terry gloves for sensitive skin, EXCLUSIVE, 14x25;
  • Rough linen terry backwashers with massaging effect, NATURAL, 15x70 mod:1, 2.
  • Softened linen terry backwashers for sensitive skin, EXCLUSIVE, 15x70 mod:1, 2.

Linen Sauna Hats & Sauna Skirts

  • Rough linen terry sauna skirts with massaging effect, NATURAL,50x140, 70x140, 90x140;
  • Soft linen terry sauna skirts, EXCLUSIVE, 50x140, 70x140, 90x140;
  • Rough linen terry sauna hats with massaging effect, NATURAL, M, XL; mod:1,2,3;
  • Softened linen terry sauna hats, EXCLUSIVE, M, XL; mod:1,2,3;
  • Linen/half linen waffle sauna hats, PRESTIGE, M, XL; mod: 1, 2,3.
  • Linen/half linen waffle sauna skirts, PRESTIGE, 50x140, 70x140, 90x140;

Linen, Cotton towels

  • Rough linen terry towels with massaging effect, NATURAL, 35x35, 35x50, 50x70, 50x100, 70x140, 80x150, 100x150;
  • Soft linen terry towels for sensitive skin, EXCLUSIVE,30x30, 30x50, 45x65, 45x90, 65x125, 70x135, 90x140;
  • Linen/half linen waffle towels, PRESTIGE, 30x50,50x70, 45x100, 80x145, 100x145;
  • Plain linen hammam towels, SOFT LINEN, 70x1400, 100x200, 100x210.

A grupė, UAB

Ruklos g. 14, 55198 Jonava

Tel./faks.: +370 349 53656


marketingas@agrupe.lt ; agrupe@agrupe.lt; export@agrupe.lt

Tel: +370 678 81314; +370 68640762 ; +370 616 10848

"A grupė"

Vasario 16-osios g. 1, 55169 Jonava

Tel. +370 349 58860


II-V: 9.30 - 18.00 val. VI: 9.00 - 15.00 val.

Wholesale, retail, online trade linen, half linen, cotton fabrics, towels, bed linen, children’s bed linen, blankets, bed spreads, decorative cushions, tablecloths, napkins, aprons, curtains, bathrobes, kids’ bathrobes, slippers, bath and sauna accessories, backwashers, cosmetic sponges, gloves, sauna hats and sauna skirts.

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