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Company Namų tekstilė

Namų tekstilė, UAB

Natūralaus pluošto tekstilės gaminiai

Stipriausi Lietuvoje 2019
Registration code 156875247
VAT LT568752410
Manager Žydrūnas Raudys
Address Fabriko g. 48, LT-55111 Jonava
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Website http://www.namutekstile.lt
Account number LT557300010079992832
Work hours I-V 08.00-17.00 Parduotuvė: I-V 10-18 VI 8-13
Employees 18 people (insured)
SS insurer code 834184
Average salary 717.39 € (2020-06)
Social insurance taxes 3,108.30 € (2020-06)
SODRA (VSDFV) Due to the quarantine information about social security debt from 16 April temporarily will not be published.
Sales revenue 2019: 1 000 001 - 2 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2020-07: 3 cars (owns)
Company age 16 years 9 months 26 days
6.3 / 10 (votes 82)
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Parduotuvė Druskininkuose (Vilniaus al. 22, LT-66119 Druskininkai)
Parduotuvė Vilniuje (Viršuliškių g. 40, PC "MADA", LT-05112 Vilnius)
Parduotuvė Visagine (Veteranu g. 2, LT-31138 Visaginas)


Company description:

Namų tekstilė, UAB started its activities in October, 2003. The basic activity of our enterprise is the manufacture of different types of textile products, mainly made from natural fibres (for example, natural sheep wool, linen or cotton).

We sew products ordered by our customers: bedclothes, towels and other products made of 100 % cotton. For more demanding customers, we can offer bedclothes made from linen, crinkle cotton or sateen fabrics.
In addition to a wide range of bedclothes, we also offer bedspreads and bedcovers. We invite you to wrap yourself up with a blanket made from natural wool or simply slip on a warm waistcoat or poncho wrap in the cool of the evening.
As saunas have become more and more popular, we can also offer sauna products and accessories: sauna skirts, caps, bathrobes, sponges, seat mats, different towels, etc.
At a customer’s request, we can provide embroidery and manufacture other accessories for a cosy home: decorative pillows, roses from linen fabric, wicker and woven overlays, tablecloths, serviettes, etc.


We sew bedclothes of different sizes, colours and fabrics for hotels, rural tourism resorts, hospitals, preschool institutions, and textile retailers. Our designs and fabric colours are updated from time to time. At your request, we can make zipped bedclothes, or embroider the initials or logo of your company on the fabric. Our capabilities allow us to offer different versions of sets.
Sewing of bedclothes, retail and wholesale of bedclothes


A cosy wool blanket is not only an excellent interior accessory for your home, but also provides warmth for your body and soul on a cold autumn or winter evening. Our blankets are made of natural fibre (100 % wool), with different designs and colours, with or without fringes, both for children and adults.
Sewing of blankets, retail and wholesale of blankets

Wool / jacquard blankets
Size: 130x200; Composition: 100% wool.

Wool blankets
Size: 130x200; Composition: 100% wool.

Cotton blankets
Size: 75x100, 100x150, 150x210, 220x240; Composition: 100% cotton.


We manufacture wool poncho wraps and scarfs. Wholesale and retail of poncho wraps and scarfs


We have a wide range of towels of different colours, sizes and designs. Some of them can decorate any bathroom, while others can serve as perfect helpers in a kitchen.
Manufacturing of towels, wholesale and retail of towels


A tablecloth is an indispensable item for all homes. Our tablecloths and serviettes made from cotton, linen, and cotton and linen blends are more than suitable for different tastes and purposes. We can offer different designs and sizes.
Sewing of tablecloths, retail and wholesale of tablecloths


In order to make your sauna pleasures memorable, don’t forget to have what you need, whether it’s a sauna cap, towel, sauna skirt, soup, shampoo, sponge, a small towel (seat mat) for the sauna, flip-flops, massage brush or sponge. An experienced sauna lover will never forget using sauna gloves to protect his or her hands from the hot steam and from the formation of blisters when using a bath broom. When going to a sauna, in addition to all of these products offered by our company, don’t forget to take a good mood with you and leave all your worries and troubles behind.
Manufacturing of sauna skirts, caps, towels, hoods, sponges, brushes, massage sponges; wholesale and retail of sauna caps, towels, hoods, sponges, flip-flops


It is not only gratifying to give, but also to receive exceptionally cosy gifts. Would you like to surprise your darling or good friend with a great gift? Present them with one of our products with his or her initials on it. It can be a special bath towel, sauna kit or a warm blanket for cold winter evenings.
We can also offer textile products with a company logo on them, if a company wishes to provide memorable gifts to its employees for various occasions.

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