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Elis Textile Service
Address: Jankiškių g. 52, LT-02300 Vilnius.
Categories: work clothes; cleaning services; consulting services; hygiene goods; labour safety; other activities.
LT Advert
Lauko reklamos sprendimai

Address: Panerių g. 51, LT-03160 Vilnius.
Categories: advertising services; designing; graphics, design; printing houses, publishing services.
Acg Nystrom
Pramoniniai įrengimai siuvimo pramonei

Address: Taikos pr. 135A, LT-51129 Kaunas.
Categories: sewing, materials; automation; industrial equipment; other activities; retail; technological equipment.
UAB „ACG NYSTROM“ – your partner for technical solutions. Industrial equipment for sewing industry WHO WE ARE: We are an international company established in Lithuania in 1993. Our head office is in Boras, Sweden. ACG NYSTROM companies also act in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Denmark and Ukrain. We are a part of...
Work by team inhouse logistics
Address: Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 38, LT-44307 Kaunas.
Categories: labour exchange, employment; consulting services; logistics services; other activities; recruitment; warehouses.
We, Work by team inhouse logistics, UAB are a company founded by a German corporation whose main activities are: careful search and recruitment, consulting and hiring of employees for a stable and growing company in Germany HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Holding GmbH. HAM-LOG-GROUP Holding GmbH - is a company that provides its...
Virtuvės indai | Vilnos patalynė | Garų lygintuvas

Address: Žirmūnų g. 70, LT-09124 Vilnius.
Categories: dishes and cutlery; cloth, fabrics; domestic applieances, repair; medical equipment; other activities; retail.

Address: Maciuičiai, LT-96159 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: industrial equipment; agriculture, machinery; agriculture, services; cereals, agriculture; designing; elevators, lifts; feed, food for animals; fireplaces, stoves; food production and processing equipment; manufacturing; metal, processing, products; technological equipment; warehouses.
WE DESIGN YOUR IDEAS JSC MILVITEKA specialists can carry out professional consultations for implementation of your project. We design and manufacture the most complex tasks. We have implemented more than 100 different projects in Lithuania and Europe. JSC MILVITEKA main activities Development, manufacture and...
Elektroninės cigaretės ir jų priedai

Address: Kulvos g. 14A-9, LT-48493 Kaunas.
Categories: tobacco; online stores; other activities; retail; wholesale.
Stogo ir fasado darbai, bendrastatybiniai darbai

Address: Palemono g. 1A, LT-52159 Kaunas.
Categories: roofs, coverings, services; building services; designing; facade, decoration; manufacturing; other activities; thermal insolation, renovation; walls, ceiling; work at heights.

Address: Žuvėdrų g. 8, Vydmantų k., LT-97227 Kretingos r.
Categories: building services; demolition, drilling; landscaping; machinery, equipment, rental; other activities; transportation.
Valymo paslaugos, Auto SPA

Address: Pilaitės pr. 7, LT-05132 Vilnius.
Categories: cleaning services; carwash; domestic services; hygiene goods; landscaping; paper and its products; public utilities; work at heights.
We have gained experience, how to provide cleaning services in a quick and qualitative way, even under complicated conditions We provide every-day premise cleaning services, territory maintenance services, various other cleaning services, which can be ordered for one time only or a long-term contract can be...
Soprana Personnel International, UAB
Personalo paieška ir atranka Jūsų verslui!

Address: H. Manto g. 22-416 (Herkaus galerija 4 a.), LT-92445 Klaipėda.
Categories: recruitment; consulting services; labour exchange, employment; learning courses; other activities.
Soprana Personnel International UAB provides personnel recruitment and selection services in Lithuania also personnel rent and recruitment services for companies in Norway and Holland. More information www.soprana.no/en. Staff recruitment Trusted specialists guarantee successful fulfilment of tasks assigned to...
Bendra Lietuvos-Rusijos įmonė UAB "Irona"
Turėklų, tvorų, vartų gamyba

Address: Jovarų g. 10, Eigirgalos k., LT-54341 Kauno r.
Categories: gates; building services; doors, locks, keys; fireplaces, stoves; furniture (manufacturing); glass and glassware; interior materials; manufacturing; metal construction; metal, processing, products; welding equipment; windows.
Metal works and constructions. Not standard metal works for different spheres of industry. Smithery works.
Galimybių arsenalas
Address: Graužupių g. 12C, LT-14187 Vilnius.
Categories: labour exchange, employment; consulting services; examination and analysis; learning courses; psychologists, psychotherapists; recruitment.
Klaipėdos juvelyras
Vestuviniai žiedai

Address: Minijos g. 141A-2, LT-93204 Klaipėda.
Categories: jewelery and bijouterie; art salons and galleries; export; gifts, souvenirs; manufacturing; pawnshops; wholesale.
Jewelry Wedding rings Engagement rings Men's rings Women's rings gold articles Earrings Pendants Bracelets chains 3D jewelry design The jeweler Lithuania Jewellery Lithuania Handmade jewelry
Baldai namams

Address: Savanorių pr. 192B, LT-44151 Kaunas.
Categories: furniture (trade); designing; interior materials; lighting; other activities; retail.
Address: Šviesos g. 11, Šilagalio k., LT-36220 Panevėžio r.
Categories: beauty salons and barber's shops; cosmetic, parfumery; online stores; other activities.
Knowing the large supply of beauty products and the abundance of companies, we founded Kosmetologams.lt, finding ourselves having difficulty finding products on different pages. Our goal is to offer customers all goods in one place with a particularly detailed consultation. Over time, thanks to our experience and...
Noriu darbo
Noriu personalo sprendimų grupė

Address: Vilkpėdės g. 22, LT-44248 Vilnius.
Categories: recruitment; consulting services; labour exchange, employment; learning courses; other activities.
Santechnika, šildymas, vėdinimas

Address: Drobės g. 25C, LT-45191 Kaunas.
Categories: plumbing; building services; designing; engineering networks; fire safety systems; fireplaces, stoves; heating, equipment; other activities; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; thermal insolation, renovation.
Projektuotojas LT
Projektavimas, konsultavimas, idėjų įgyvendinimas

Address: Sandėlių g. 9A, LT-45190 Kaunas.
Categories: designing; architects; other activities.
Katilų remontas, montavimas

Address: Ateities pl. 23A, LT-52167 Kaunas.
Categories: energetics, alternative energetics; building services; engineering networks; industrial equipment; manufacturing; metal construction; metal, processing, products; other activities; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; technological equipment.
BIG 7 express
Address: Dvaro g. 41, LT-76345 Šiauliai.
Categories: transportation; logistics services; moving services; other activities.
BIG7express is not only a parcel shipping, it's a unique platform that gives you the opportunity to buy and sell in the UK easily, conveniently and quickly.
Buities technikos, video, audio servisas

Address: Savanorių pr. 1, LT-03116 Vilnius.
Categories: domestic applieances, repair; computers (maintenance, repair); connection and telecommunication services; other activities; restaurant equipment; video and audio equipment, services, repair.
Shelly Digital
Išmanūs namai, pastatų ir patalpų automatizavimas

Address: Kęstučio g. 47, LT-08124 Vilnius.
Categories: automation; building administration; computers and software; connection and telecommunication services; electroinstallation materials; electroinstallation works; electronic equipment and parts; engineering networks; fasteners, elements; heating, equipment; industrial equipment; other activities; retail; technological equipment; video and audio record trading and rental; video surveillance systems; wholesale.
Shelly Digital, UAB is the official distributor of Shelly® smart home automation appliances in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.
Nuolaida Rekvizitai.lt lankytojams!

Address: M. K. Čiurlionio g. 82A-56, LT-03100 Vilnius.
Categories: measurments, devices; domestic applieances, repair; gifts, souvenirs; import; laboratories, equipment; labour safety; medical equipment; online stores; other activities; retail; wholesale.
FC Service
FCS- Teikiame projektavimo bei baldų konstravimo paslaugas

Address: Šarkuvos g. 17-18, LT-48156 Kaunas.
Categories: furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); furniture production materials; other activities; technological equipment.
FCS is a team of professional technologists with over 15 years of experience in furniture manufacturing and project management, who will help you to calculate the cost of the furniture or project.providing you with a detailed estimation of material and operation costs, and technology solutions for manufacturing.
Pauliaus Butkaus individuali veikla

Address: Jovarų g. 10, Eigirgalos k, LT-54341 Kauno r.
Categories: metal, processing, products; manufacturing; metal construction; other activities; paints and varnishes; welding equipment.
Prekybos centrų įrengimo darbai Lietuvoje

Address: Taikos g. 30, Trakiškis, LT-38102 Panevėžio r.
Categories: building services; electroinstallation works; other activities; thermal insolation, renovation; walls, ceiling; windows.
Dukart du yra penki
Buhalterinė apskaita

Address: Monio g. 4, Daugirdiškių k., LT-21343 Elektrėnai.
Categories: accounting services; computers (maintenance, repair); consulting services; event organization; financial intermediation services; learning courses; other activities.
LCV Baltic
Address: Verslo g. 24-1, LT-52103 Kaunas.
Categories: other activities.
Light commercial vehicle solutions company specializing in the following services: Preparation of light commercial vehicles for operation; Mobile workshops; Minibus conversion; tilt bodies, new tilt minibusses; Rigid and insulated bodies; Isothermal bodies, isothermal superstructures (FNA and FRC); On-board bodies;...
Address: Liepkalnio g. 134A, LT-02121 Vilnius.
Categories: other activities.
Teltonika company group unites more than 1600 employees in 19 countries and 28 offices. We are proud of being a group of companies working on made-in-Lithuania products and we strive to become a global leader in developing and manufacturing unique IoT solutions that help people. We not only work but also live to...
Address: Saulėtekio al. 15-712, LT-10224 Vilnius.
Categories: geodesy, cartography; air transport, aviation; examination and analysis; other activities.
We are LiMAP - a company managing the most advanced civil measurement technologies in the world. We use unique and exclusive 3D data management programs. In engineering research and measurement, we can offer solutions that are limited only by the customer’s imagination. We can achieve accuracy of up to 0.2...

Address: Lentainių g. 7, LT-47492 Kaunas.
Categories: wholesale; labour safety; other activities; retail.
UAB BE SECURE BALTICS offers high quality products related to cleanliness, hygiene and employee protection. They can be widely used in restaurants, hotels, schools, shops, industrial ereas, offices, public buildings, supermarkets, medical facilities, public events, outdoor cafes, anywhere people visit and necessary...

Address: Gariūnų g. 56, LT-02300 Vilnius.
Categories: other activities.
Ingrida Tours
Address: Poilsio g. 14-42, LT-93174 Klaipėda.
Categories: tourism, travels, services; entertainment and leisure; gifts, souvenirs; other activities.

Address: Minsko pl. 2, LT-02121 Vilnius.
Categories: gyms; entertainment and leisure; other activities.
Liepkalnis – where the winter lasts longer! Our aim is to provide best skiing experience with high standards and friendly atmosphere. Moreover we want to create friendly skiers/snowboarders community where all kind of people would be happy: amateurs, veterans and professionals. Ski lifts and tracks: all for the...
AIRPLUS1 Lituanica
Address: Šilutės pl. 105B, LT-95112 Klaipėda.
Categories: other activities.
Airplus1 Technology is a trademark created by UAB "AIRPLUS Lituanica". It is a brand that sends a message of a clean environment. We are an engineering company that develops, designs, manufactures and supplies air and water purification systems. Using our patented ozonation and filtration systems and using products...
Forex Faktorius
Accuhedge.solutions/ forexfactor.lt

Address: Nugalėtojų g. 26-7, LT-10105 Vilnius.
Categories: learning courses; consulting services; information supply; other activities.
Address: Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49-403, LT-44333 Kaunas.
Categories: translation; graphics, design; other activities.

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