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Company ACG Nystrom

ACG Nystrom, UAB

Pramoniniai įrengimai siuvimo pramonei

Registration code 111429475
VAT LT114294716
Manager Jurgita Pacevičienė
Address Taikos pr. 135A, LT-51129 Kaunas
Phone Acg Nystrom Phone
Mobile phone Acg Nystrom Mobile phone
Fax Acg Nystrom Fax
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.acgnystrom.lt
Work hours I-IV 08.00-12.00 ir 12.40-17.00, V 08.00-12.00 ir 12.40-15.20
Employees 11 people (insured)
Average salary 3,990.80 € (women 3,701.44 €; men 4,231.92 €) (2022-06)
Social insurance taxes 10,177.63 € (2022-06)
Sales revenue 2021: 1 868 387 € Historical turnover »
Net profit 2021: 102 044 € More »
Transport 2022-07: 6 cars (3 owns, 3 uses)
Authorized capital 78,197.40 €
Company age 29 years 6 months 26 days
Report Professional report » 79 Eur only until Aug 31st
6.2 / 10 (votes 68)


UAB „ACG NYSTROM“ – your partner for technical solutions.

Industrial equipment for sewing industry

• Industrial sewing machines PFAFF, Pegasus, Typical, Brother, Global
• Automatic sewing systems ASS GmbH
• Welding machines: ultrasonic, hot air
• Button attaching machines MMS
• Industrial embroidery machines TAJIMA;
• Coloreel thread coloring technology for embroidery;
• Software for embroidery TAJIMA BY PULSE
• Equipment for technical textile industry
• Ironing equipment ROTONDI, STIROVAP
• Steam generators
• Cutting equipment
• Laser cutting equipment
• Engraving equipment
• Fusing equipment
• Heat presses
• Automated Eastman spreaders and cutters
• Hand labelers and devices
• Labels attaching tools and accessories AVERY DENNISON
• Scissors KAI, Mundial
• Dummies for sewing industry
• Needles for sewing, embroidery and knitting machines
• Spare parts and accessories for sewing equipment
• Spare parts and accessories for embroidery equipment
• Spare parts and accessories for ironing equipment
• Spare parts and accessories for cutting equipment
• Spare parts and accessories for knitting equipment
• Embroidery threads and accessories MADEIRA
• Printed care & composition labels
• Woven labels
• Service and maintenance:
We provide comprehensive services on industrial sewing, embroidery machines, ironing, spreading, cutting equipment.
Our technical maintenance experts not only fix faults, they also periodically inspect installed systems for preventive purposes and to carry out technical examination and repair works.
• Embroidery digitizing:
We digitize embroidery designs using specialized digitizing software TAJIMA BY PULSE.
• Labels printing:
Our thermo transfer printer can print one-sided and two-sided textile care, composition, size labels and self-adhesive paper labels. We use different materials for print: nylon, satin, self-adhesive paper labels in various sizes and shapes.
Printed labels are supplied cut or rolled-up.
• Equipment rent:
Rent of sewing equipment.
• Consulting:
Our main objective – to deliver technologies that serve customers and achieve their goals.
Over 20 years, we have built up great knowledge around development and installation of technological solutions. As a consequence, we are in a position to give advice, offer recommendations and consult our customers in regards to selection and application of most suitable equipment.
After a thorough assessment of the customer’s needs, having analyzed the existing situation and the systems that have already been installed, we develop a concept of solution and detail the ways to achieve it. If support is necessary, we engage our suppliers – equipment producers.
• Equipment show-room:
We constantly innovate the assortment of equipment in our show-room. Our customers are welcome to access equipment innovations and make practical trials.
• Seminars:
We organize specialized seminars for our customers.
• Apparel sewing companies;
• Textile industry;
• Technical textile industry;
• Composites industry;
• Producers of medical and orthopedical products;
• Knitting companies;
• Leather and footwear producers;
• Producers of upholstary furniture;
• Companies providing embroidery services;
• Advertising production companies;
• Educational institutions (textile and design).

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