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Company Saurida

Saurida, UAB


Registration code 266916280
VAT LT669162811
Address Montuotojų g. 8, LT-89101 Mažeikiai
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Website http://www.saurida.lt
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Saurida.OilGas/
Work hours I-V 00.08-17.00
Employees 277 people (insured)
SS insurer code 299344
Average salary 861.41 € (2019-12)
Social insurance taxes 51,545.94 € (2019-12)
SODRA (VSDFV) debt 30520.27 EUR (2020-01-24 at the beginning of day)
Sales revenue 2018: 50 000 001 - 100 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2019-10: 147 cars (owns)
Company age 22 years 2 months 4 days
3.6 / 10 (votes 522)


SAURIDA GROUP offers advanced manufacturing technologies, innovation, good service and flexibility without compromising on the highest quality. We strive to meet the needs of our customers by improving ourselves every day, and the solutions we offer are always innovative and practical. The company has existed and operated in accordance with the principles of responsible business for more than 20 years. The name of SAURIDA GROUP unites companies that manufacture different products, provide different services and develop different activities.


The company trades in liquefied petroleum gas, gas supply systems and different-capacity gas cylinders in Lithuania and Latvia. We provide a full service package to our customers: from professional advice, product sales to a continuous gas supply and maintenance.


The gas cylinder system is intended for residential houses, as well as for business, industry and agriculture. Individual gas supply in cylinders is used for room heating, hot water, food production, and the use of other gas appliances.

The gas cylinder heating system is tailored for residential houses where convenient heating, a pleasant room temperature and optimal heating costs are desired. Gas heating is ideal for those who have radiator and underfloor heating systems. Your home will be heated through an eco-friendly method, without polluting the environment in which we live.

The gas heating system consists of an external gas supply unit connected to an indoor gas-fired boiler and an automatic control module. The perfectly matched devices use fuel efficiently and generate the maximum amount of heat in your home.

The gas supply does not require any pipeline route inlet, and you will be able to easily install the system at home regardless of your distance to the urban pipelines. Fast and easy installation – commonly the assembly work is carried out within 1 or 2 days. The gas supply system is set up with nothing but certified equipment, complying with the standards applicable in the European Union. Regular delivery and replacement of gas cylinders at the client's home. The heating system is suitable for use in older, renovated and new buildings.


Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders are widely used in households and in various industrial sectors: food, chemicals, building, metalworking, heating systems and other areas.

The propane-butane gas mixture is used as economic fuel for different vehicles. It is excellent for use in gas lift trucks, where the gas is used as an efficient source of energy. In winter, when work is carried out outside or in rooms where temperatures are in the negative, using propane gas is recommended.

Modern gas cylinders have a unique design and are convenient. Cylinders are selected with a focus on safety and their compliance with the requirements of the EU. The branded SAURIDA GAS cylinder has a safety valve for protection from explosions, a protective stopcock collar, a plug protecting against gas leaks and other special parts that are mandatory for a safe cylinder. SAURIDA GAS cylinders are filled in gas filling stations, where additional maintenance and container testing is performed. Thanks to service professionals and modern computerised filling and maintenance equipment, we offer only high-quality gas and storage containers – gas cylinders – to our clients.


The gas stations sell only high quality Dk, Dž (oil for farmers), A95, LPG fuel and gas cylinders of various capacities. Many gas stations are equipped with modern self-service car washes which have a variety of washing programs.

Our gas stations offer a comfortable environment which allows you not only to take care of your car, but also to relax and pamper yourself. Modern stores offer hot food, drinks, snacks, treats, ice cream and other products. We invite our customers to enjoy the flavour and aroma of delicious freshly ground coffee.

You will be able to pay for goods and services in the usual way, to take advantage of customer loyalty card discounts, and to get the best customer service and fuel of the highest quality.

SELF SERVICE CAR WASH is a fast and inexpensive vehicle maintenance service. The car washes offer several car washing programs.


If necessary, you can rent a trailer or a tractor unit for car transportation. A wide range of trailer sizes will allow you to choose a trailer that meets your needs for short-term or long-term rent.


The network of gas stations SAURIDA Oil&Gas is engaged in wholesale trade of petroleum products. We present only those products that meet the highest standards of quality to our clients. The transport of the company complies with all EU requirements for the carriage of dangerous goods. The vehicles comply with ADR, EURO V and higher ecological emissions requirements. All tank trucks have metrologically tested meters, and the containers are calibrated and metrologically tested as well. We deliver petroleum products by our own vehicles 365/24/7 without interim storage directly from the production terminal.


The brand of SAURIDA LOGISTICS is represented by TRANSPORTERA UAB which belongs to SAURIDA GROUP. The main activity of the company is chemical and petroleum product, liquid bulk cargo transportation services in and outside Lithuania: in the European Union and the CIS countries.

The company’s fleet consists of tank trucks, dumpers and flatbed trucks. A GPS satellite tracking system provides accurate information about vehicle movement and location, and enables regular contact with the driver at any time. The safety of the cargo being transported is also cared for by a team of responsible professionals.Fast and safe transportation of liquid, bulk and large cargoes.

Due to its long-standing experience with major business-specific enterprises, the company is able to swiftly come up with proposals for a high-quality transportation and forwarding process, as well as to implement these proposals.

  • The vehicles comply with the strict ADR requirements. Tank trucks for transportation of petroleum products, gas, chemicals, and bitumen;
  • Dumpers (from 49 to 79 m3) for transportation of bulk cargoes;
  • Flatbed trucks for quick and safe transportation of goods;
  • Freight forwarding services in Lithuania, the European Union and the CIS countries;
  • Drafting of transport documents accompanying the shipment of goods;
  • Provision of real-time information about the cargo location.


The company is engaged in the production and trade of fuel wood and other types of eco fuels. The company uses modern specialised equipment intended for wood splitting, crushing, drying and other preparation. Split firewood is dried in automated wood driers.

The products of SAURIDA WOOD are manufactured in modern wood processing plants located in Biržai, Kelmė and Mažeikiai. Their total area exceeds 50,000 m2. The plants operate 18 automatic dryers which are able to dry 2,100 m³ of firewood at a time. The specialised equipment for wood splitting, milling and other processes meets the production standards.

The products that comply with high-quality standards are dried in automated drying kilns. The special technology allows for the desired level of humidity of less than 20%. The advantages of dried firewood: effective and cost-efficient fuel which generates a higher heat capacity, with few stove and chimney problems.

Briquettes are made of deciduous species of trees, or from the sawdust of deciduous and coniferous species of trees. The sawdust is dried and then compressed at high pressure without any chemical additives or adhesives; this way briquettes are formed. Burned briquettes leave very little ash. They are compact, easily packaged, and safe and easy to transport and store.

Wood pellets are produced without the use of glue or other chemical additives. The ash of burnt pellets can be used as organic fertiliser for your garden. The highest-quality pellets are easily ignited. Burned pellets leave only small quantities of tar and ash, which means that the pellet boiler requires cleaning less often.

Standard wooden pallets and wood for construction are manufactured according to individual orders.


ŠILUMERA UAB is specialised in the metalworking industry. Thanks to our professional staff and reliable equipment, the metal is easily processed and turned into the product you desire.

The company produces a wide range of metal structures and individual parts based on individual orders. The company designs parts, restores mechanical parts, and manufactures non-standard products such as gears, sprockets, bushings, shafts and other items according to the customer’s samples or drawings.

The parts manufactured according to the needs of the customer and technological requirements are heat-treated – hardened, cemented or tempered. Professional galvanising and painting.

Metal for products is selected according to the client’s wishes and with the guidance of professionals.

Metal processing services: turning, milling, shaping, grinding, high-precision turning of complex shape parts, welding of metal structures.

SAURIDA SPA IN MAŽEIKIAI is a modern swimming pool, with health-improving hot baths and whirlpool baths. In the cafe in the public area, visitors can treat themselves to delicious snacks and refreshments.

Wellness programmes are organised: swimming training for children, posture correction programmes for schoolchildren, spine workouts for adults, and body design and water aerobics programs for women. Active leisure is a source of youth, good health and happiness.

Resort PO ŠVYTURIU is situated in a beautiful pine forest near the downtown of Šventoji, just five minutes from the Baltic Sea across a path through the pine forest beloved by holidaymakers. The resort consists of 19 log cabins. The cabins of different sizes can accommodate 3, 4 or 6 guests. Up to 84 holidaymakers can be accepted at a time. A playground with swings and a sandbox is provided for children. A spacious summerhouse with tables and a fireplace is built for the guests’ convenience.

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