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Address: Aitros g. 4, Lembas, LT-75341 Šilalės r.
Categories: export; food production and processing equipment; freezing equipment; industrial equipment; manufacturing; metal, processing, products; technological equipment.
Technical Training Center
Address: Elektrėnų g. 25, LT-51199 Kaunas.
Categories: learning courses.
Agro Technical Supplies
Address: Ateities g. 5-120, LT-08305 Vilnius.
Categories: logistics services; retail.
Technical Insulation Services
Address: Vieškelio g. 16, Pakamorių k., Kretingalės sen., LT-92400 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: building materials; ventilation and conditioning services.
UAB "Baltic Technical & Technological Solutions"
Address: Minijos g. 2, Klaipėda.
Categories: manufacturing; ship repair, construction.
UAB "Building Technical Engineering"
Address: A. Juozapavičiaus g. 9A-149, LT-09311 Vilnius.
Categories: designing.
UAB A. Laba Technical Service
Address: Naujakurių g. 116A-28, Kaunas.
Categories: accounting services; audit.
UAB "Aegis Technical Services"
Address: Respublikos g. 27, LT-89225 Mažeikiai.
Categories: labour exchange, employment.
Rapid Technical Solution
Address: Metalo g. 2A, LT-02190 Vilnius.
Categories: advertising services.
Liberijos kompanijos "ANSLA SHIPPING TECHNICAL S.A." atstovybė
Address: Tilžės g. 52, Klaipėda.
Categories: other activities.
UAB "Technical Solutions"
Address: Girulių g. 5, LT-12124 Vilnius.
Categories: agriculture, machinery.
Gabulas aviation technical support
Address: Partizanų g. 216-77, LT-50319 Kaunas.
Categories: other activities.
Address: Vilnius.
Categories: mail services.
Address: Ukmergės g. 234A, LT-07160 Vilnius.
Categories: automation; connection and telecommunication services; doors, locks, keys; electroinstallation works; engineering networks; export; hydraulics, pneumatics; indoor security systems; measurments, devices; online stores; retail; video and audio equipment, services, repair; video and audio record trading and rental; video surveillance systems; wholesale.
The Lithuanian company (EU), , are intercoms, turnstiles, access control systems, security cameras, electronic locks, magnetic cards, keys and locks, gate automation, metal doors and hydraulic closers, production, installation, maintenance And marketing from one and the first hands. JSC “DIGITALas” on the market...
Klaipėdos statybos kompanija
Sandėlių statyba ir energinio naudingumo sertifikatai

Address: Birutės g. 12, 304 kab., LT-91204 Klaipėda.
Categories: geology; metal construction; road building, repair, bridges; sertification services.
The company was established on March 9, 2007 in Klaipėda. The main activities of the company include planning, management and implementation of construction works . We perform general construction, repair and renovation works. The company was certified by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania on...
Vakarų centrinė laboratorija
Address: Minijos g. 180, LT-93269 Klaipėda.
Categories: laboratories, equipment; metal construction; sertification services; ship repair, construction.
UAB “Vakarų centrinė laboratorija” renders quality control, analyzation, and services in all areas of industry. Non-destructive testing methods are used in Western Ship Yard since 1969, when it was established. UAB “Vakarų centrinė laboratorija” was founded due to the reorganization process of BLRT Grupp since...

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