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Manager Daiva Kazlauskienė, direktorė
Address Gumbinės g. 33C, LT-77171 Šiauliai
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Bank AB Šiaulių Bankas
Account number LT327180000006467960
Work hours I-V 8.00-18.00; VI-VII 08:30-20:00 (Vilniuje)
Employees 181 person (insured)
Average salary 1,660.44 € (women 1,695.53 €; men 1,469.76 €) (2023-04)
Social insurance taxes 61,928.30 € (2023-04)
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Company age 13 years 8 months 22 days
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Description: blood laboratory is a growing and constantly searching company. provides medical laboratory services, doctor specialist consultations, we perform health checks, we provide mammography and X-ray services. All services are distributed by city, according to what is relevant for local residents. We also provide intravenous vitamin therapies and healthy lifestyle medical consultations. Our aim is to be accessible to every patient, to eliminate waiting in long queues at the doctor's office or long waiting for test results, so continuous improvement is extremely important to us.

When medical tests are ordered, we create logins so that customers can find and store their test results in one place, accessible online. If necessary, they could easily analyze the change in the results of the research conducted at different times.

Registration by phone +370 676 20220 or online

Here you will find more information about blood tests, addresses of procedure rooms and working hours.

Services provided:

  • Blood test
  • Vaccines
  • Health check-up for work
  • Health check-up for drivers licence
  • Doctors' consultations
  • Intravenous vitamin therapy
  • Health checks
  • Body wellness procedures
  • Dressing wounds
  • Body analysis
  • Healthy lifestyle medicine

Doctor's consultations:

  • Family doctors
  • ENT doctors
  • Echoscopists
  • Doctors mammologists
  • Orthopedic traumatologists
  • Urologists
  • Doctors and surgeons
  • Laboratory specialists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Cardiologists

Medical tests are performed in the blood laboratory of

Hematological and clinical studies
Urine and stool tests
Tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
Blood clotting tests
Micronutrient and vitamin studies
Liver enzyme tests
Kidney function indicators
Pancreatic function tests
Tests of glucose levels in the body
Inflammatory index studies
Cardiovascular disease research
Lipoprotein and immunoglobulin studies
Rheumatoid arthritis studies
Tuberculosis detection tests
Diagnostic microbiology studies
Allergy tests
Food intolerance studies
Blood tests for tick-borne diseases
Thyroid hormone tests
Sex hormone tests
Hepatitis studies
Cancer marker studies
Research on viral and infectious diseases
Studies of autoimmune markers
Research on heavy metals
Celiac disease research
Pregnancy tests
Genetic Studies
Immunoenzymatic tests
Doctor's consultations

Medical examination packages, promotions, prices
General body examination package
Gastrointestinal examination package
Liver and pancreas test package
Kidney test package
Cardiovascular examination package
Anemia test package
Chronic Fatigue Test Package
Viral hepatitis testing package
Osteoporosis Test Package
Rheumatoid Arthritis Test Package
Test package for acute and prolonged cough
A minimal examination package for hair, skin and nail problems
A moderate treatment package for hair, skin and nail problems
Hair loss minimal testing package
Hair Loss Medium Test Pack
Hair Loss Max Test Package
Women's oncological examination package
Package of examination of pregnant women
Women's Basic Test Package
Women's Minimum Test Package
Women's Maximum Research Package
Men's oncological examination package
Men's Basic Study Package
Men's Minimum Test Package
Men's Maximum Research Package
Child's minimum examination package
Child's maximum examination package
Preoperative minimal examination package
Preoperative maximum examination package
Vegetarian Minimum Test Package
Vegetarian Max Study Pack
Athlete's Basic Study Package
Athlete's Minimum Test Package
Sportsman's Maximum Study Package

Vaccines. Vaccination of patients in procedures
Vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis in adults
Vaxigrip Tetra flu vaccine
Priorix vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella
Pneumococcal vaccine

Health certificates
Health check of drivers
Health check of drivers of categories AM, A1, AB1, B and BE
Health check for drivers of categories C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, DE and T
Other health checks
Preventive health check-up of adults
Checking children's health and issuing a certificate (to school, to camp)
Medical examination and issuing of a certificate of a person wishing to purchase a weapon
Preventive health check-up of adults and health check-up of drivers (categories AM, A1, AB1, B and BE)
Adult preventive health check and driver health check (categories C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, DE and T)
Preventive health check-up of adults, health check-up of drivers and health check-up of a person who wants to purchase a weapon and issuance of a certificate
Issuance of a duplicate of the driver's health check certificate
A certificate from a mental health center

Find a research pickup location in your city. Pre-registration tel. +370 676 20220:


Ausros vartu str. 27 | Vilnius
Zalgirio str. 88 | Vilnius
Zemaitės st. 22 | Vilnius
Santariškiu st. 5 | Vilnius

Ozo str. 18 | Vilnius
Nemencines pl. 4D-101 | Vilnius

Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave. 68 | Kaunas

Gumbinss str. 33C | Siauliai
Tilzes str. 67 | Siauliai
Geguziu str. 61 | Siauliai


Darius and Gireno str. 10 | Panevezys
P. Puzino str. 10 | Panevezys


Naftininku st. 9 | Mazeikiai

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