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Company TS GROUP


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Registration code 302917075
VAT LT100007667313
Manager Tomas Šeškevičius, direktorius
Address Radvilėnų pl. 1B, LT-50264 Kaunas
Phone Ts Group Phone
Mobile phone Ts Group Mobile phone
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.tsgroup.lt
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/360tsgroup
Work hours I-V 8-18 val.
Employees 90 people (insured)
SS insurer code 2190601
Average salary 1,219.73 € (2021-02)
Social insurance taxes 19,665.36 € (2021-02)
Sales revenue 2020: 1 000 001 - 2 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2021-01: 3 cars (uses)
Authorized capital 3,000.00 €
Company age 8 years 4 months 22 days
6.5 / 10 (votes 28)
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BUSINESS-LINK (Radvilėnų pl. 1B, LT-50264 Kaunas)


360° TS Group – official VIALTIS representative in Lithuania

Road and tunnel tolls

With the service from TS Group toll payment on roads and tunnels in Europe is easy and care-free. VIALTIS manages everything with the different operators: order, invoices, replacement, online transactions, solves technical issues and organizes renewal of equipment.

Simple and evident invoices are sent twice a month, only your payment needed. Easy and effortless!


  • Efficient time-saving
  • Discounts for fuel without any additional pricing
  • All the tolls in one invoice

VAT refund

Focus on your business and let us take care of your VAT refund. VIALTIS provides complete management of your VAT applications from deposit to refund in 31 countries. We know your company and handle the process of applying refund of your VAT and Excise duty. Long and complicated process made short and easy.

Refund of VAT and Excise duty can be simple. Only 3 steps:

  • Signing a contract with Vialtis
  • Sending us your invoices
  • Checking your bank account on the agreed term

Let us do the work and win:

99,9 % of paid VAT that VIALTIS applied for a return is refunded;

VAT refund from Europe, also Norway, Switzerland and Monaco;

Only one VAT agent for all of Europe;

You can choose the term of VAT refund:

  • every two weeks;
  • every quarter;
  • every time VAT is refunded by the administrating institution

Very fast VAT refund;

Personal attention, trust and transparency, competitive prices;

Trustful VAT and Excise duty experts;

WHY 360°?

When was the last time you raised the price of your transport service?

How to increase profit with rising staff expenditure and inability to elevate the pricing to the client?

TS Group 360° analysis helps you to find out how to save or even increase the profit of your business. All of the these questions answered:

  • Where I’m able to save?
  • How to optimize the processes of your business?
  • Is your business structure effective?
  • How to increase sales?
  • How to increase profit?

In this 1 hour consultation you will be able to learn undiscovered possibilities.

Honesty, trust and ‘’Win together’’ philosophy is of utmost importance to us, that’s why the first consultation is free.


VIALTIS has established partnerships with more than 15,000 fuel stations covering all of Europe, and we advise you to select the fuel company which can offer you the most suitable and competitive deal. Our partners can be found in your way wherever you are. Become a partner and get personalized offers.


  • Discounts for fuel, multiple distributors;
  • Money-saving;
  • Special discounts for VIALTIS partners.


VIALTIS helps you to minimize your risk by offering the best insurance for you. VIALTISacts as an insurance broker and they take over the mediation and conclusion of the insurance contract on your behalf. We always try to offer the best price to our clients.

VIALTIS has teamed up with the SCHUNCK Group which is one of the leading international insurance brokers for transport/logistics. With more than 100 years of experience, they offer a big range of services from the Carrier’s Liability and Goods Transportation Insurance to Vehicle Risk Management.

Vialtis offers a special fit for your needs:

  • More than 15 000 gas stops;
  • Road tolls;
  • Tunnel tolls;
  • VAT + Normal VAT
  • 1 Contact for everything

Also, find prohibitions and road restrictions in Europe in our page to avoid unpleasant surprises and losses – TS Group made a very comfortable to use and convenient tool called ‘’Roads restrictions’’ which is a must-have for every manager, planner and owner of a transport company. Everything to make your work easier and more efficient!

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