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Company Stora Enso Packaging

Stora Enso Packaging, UAB

Registration code 111556519
VAT LT115565113
Manager Mikas Kibilda
Address Ateities pl. 32C, LT-52164 Kaunas
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Additional phone Stora Enso Packaging Phone
Additional phone Stora Enso Packaging Phone
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Website http://www.storaensopack.lt
Work hours I-V 08.00-16.45
Employees 58 people (insured)
SS insurer code 444552
Average salary 2,147.14 € (2019-05)
Social insurance taxes 22,127.73 € (2019-05)
Turnover 2018: 20 000 001 - 30 000 000 EUR Historical turnover »
Transport 2019-04: 2 cars (uses)
Company age 23 years 2 months 11 days
7.4 / 10 (votes 44)


Redesigning the future with renewable packaging

Realizing the possibilities of packaging has become a worldwide movement. As packaging issues grow in importance each day, we at Stora Enso Packaging Solutions have embarked on a new mission: Redesigning the future with renewable packaging. Let us explain what this means to us – and to you.

Whether you are a brand owner, retailer, merchant, consumer or converter, we want to be your proactive and reliable packaging partner for renewable, fibre-based packaging solutions and materials. This, of course, is a constant challenge – and one that can only be fully realised when working closely with you and your experts.

We invite you to rethink your packaging
With packaging innovations and solutions, we want to enhance your business and find the right packaging for your product. Our wide range of top performing products already covers many different end uses, but in the process we also like think outside our boxes and let the best packaging examples from across industries and markets inspire us to find new applications and approaches.

Build brand value with packaging
For consumers and retailers, the packaging is becoming increasingly important. This is especially true if your product is sold at places like DIY stores and retail chains. Through inspiring workshops in our DesignStudio, you will be able to better understand how you can address changing consumer behavior by the use of print and optimized packaging design.

The whole consumer experience
Brand building and communicating through your packaging is not just about selling your product, but also about the whole consumer experience - that is, carrying, storing, using and disposal. In close cooperation with you, we will define the best packaging solution for your brand.

Optimize your packaging performance
Choosing the right materials, finding the right graphical and structural design, and ensuring product safety are the natural ways of optimizing your packaging. For us, however, packaging performance is not just about the box itself – it’s about your whole packaging flow.

In the area of packaging automation we develop time-saving and cost-efficient systems for almost any packaging process, in close cooperation with you to fit your production and logistics perfectly. Our offer includes everything from wrap-around machines and tray erectors to reliable robot packing cells and pallet loaders.

Global responsibility as a key asset
Waste in the form of damaged goods is one of the world’s greatest environmental issues. By the use of optimized packaging, your products will be kept safe and unharmed through the whole production and logistics chain.

Choosing corrugated packaging is in itself a way of taking responsibility for the future. Our solutions are all based on continuously growing raw materials, which means that they are not just recyclable but renewable by nature.

Many large companies have made ambitious statements and promises when it comes to sustainability and packaging. Some have even made it their goal to use nothing but recyclable packaging and to not let any packaging be sent to landfill. With our renewable packaging solutions, we will help keep your promises and reach your goals.

Redesigning your packaging is an exciting process, and it’s important to us that you feel both confident and inspired when working with us. That’s why we are always willing and capable to listen, learn and evolve in order to meet your demands.

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