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Company Mantinga

Mantinga, UAB

Registration code 110669492 (old code 1066949)
VAT LT106694917
Manager Klemencas Agentas
Address Stoties g. 51, LT-68261 Marijampolė
Phone Mantinga Phone
Fax Mantinga Fax
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.mantinga.lt
Bank AB Citadele bankas
Account number LT907290000009467931
Work hours I-V 08.00-17.00
Employees 1108 people (insured)
SS insurer code 537649
Average salary 1,215.45 € (2019-03)
Social insurance taxes 257,651.58 € (2019-03)
Turnover 2017: 50 000 001 - 100 000 000 EUR Historical turnover »
Transport 2019-04: 77 cars (22 owns, 55 uses)
Company age 24 years 4 months 9 days
5.5 / 10 (votes 189)


Mantinga UAB started its business in 1998, when it broadened the Lithuanian market with new production from France – frozen bread and pastry products that were technologically prepared for baking.

Currently Mantinga UAB is a modern and one of the largest companies in Eastern Europe, offering frozen bread and pastry products. Its assortment totals around 250 products that were created according to the best recipes of the bakers all over the world. We seek to make it so that everyone could find the desired products in our assortment. Also, we are prepared to create a product according to your wishes – we shall make your dream come true.

The Mantinga UAB products can be put in the following categories according to their preparation method: unbaked and fast frozen; partially baked and fast frozen; baked or boiled and fast frozen.

Mantinga UAB has an integrated food safety, quality and environment protection management system, which corresponds to the BRC version 5, LST EN ISO 22000:2005/AC:2006, LST EN ISO 9001:2001 and LST EN ISO 14001:2005 standards requirements.

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is also in effect in the company. There is special attention directed to the food safety in the food production chain, starting with the raw material providing and ending with the product selling to the consumer. Our priorities are the highest and stable quality of the products, food safety and high hygiene culture.

The mission of Mantinga UAB is to make qualitative and safe frozen bread and pastry products, as well as foresee the future needs of consumers today. We strive to become the leading company in the market of frozen bread and pastry products both in Lithuania and overseas.
The products of Mantinga UAB have won the highest prize positions in the national contest The Lithuania Product of the Year year after year consecutively. The Pastry Marzipan Swirl is our newest pride and it has won the gold medal in the aforementioned contest. The pastry had received many positive reviews from consumers even before the contest due to its exceptional taste features and looks. This has encouraged us to take part in the contest.

About 51% of the company production is exported to 27 foreign countries where we cooperate with world-known companies and trade systems successfully. Also we work together with the supermarkets, smaller shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, gas-stations and schools in Lithuania. The company has a logistics system that allows making deliveries to any corner of Lithuania and the world in time, quickly and reliably. Good relationships with the suppliers present opportunities to acquire the raw materials used in production for appealing prices and, therefore, we can offer our products to all of the clients for flexible and competitive prices.

There are about 650 employees in Mantinga UAB, about 550 of them are working in the production departments. The employee qualification is constantly under improvements. This factor is especially important when creating new products and installing innovations in the company. We are constantly on the lookout for innovations that would satisfy the changing wishes of the clients and needs of the consumers. Thus, the product assortment is renewed steadily and the production is modernized. Also, we have presented the local and the export market with a record number of new products in the year 2009. It reached around 130 products and it constituted about 40% of our assortment. When comparing the influence on the sales of the newly introduced products and the already in-sale products, the new products in 2009 made up for about 12% of the sales sum. One of the core reasons why we had managed to realize this was the huge investments into the production innovations, the optimization of the production process and the purchase of modern technical and programming equipment. We acquired about 80 new sets of equipment in 2008-2009 and we improved the old equipment to make it work together with the new one without any glitches. The company endeavor to introduce innovations was appreciated in a republic scale. Mantinga UAB was nominated to be The Innovative Company in the year 2009.

A special advantage of the company's production is the long realization time (9-18 months) of the quick frozen products. Moreover, this method of quick freezing the products has yet another useful quality to the consumers – it allows preserving the fresh taste and smell of the pastries in the fast frozen products. Therefore, quick frozen products are an ideal assortment choice for any kind of shopping centre and it reliefs of many constant problems.

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