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Company FrosTec

FrosTec, UAB

Šaldymo, šildymo, vėdinimo sistemos

TOP company 2019
Registration code 302420625
VAT LT100004888716
Manager Artūras Dambrauskas
Address Fabijoniškių g. 96, LT-07100 Vilnius
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Website http://www.frostec.lt
Work hours 8:30-17:00
Employees 14 people (insured)
SS insurer code 2025774
Average salary 2,587.77 € (2020-06)
Social insurance taxes 9,020.62 € (2020-06)
SODRA (VSDFV) Due to the quarantine information about social security debt from 16 April temporarily will not be published.
Sales revenue 2019: 3 000 001 - 5 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2020-07: 14 cars (6 owns, 8 uses)
Company age 11 years 18 days
6.1 / 10 (votes 36)
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Design of commercial and industrial refrigeration, heating, ventilation and conditioning systems, implementation of projects, sale of equipment and spare parts, warranty and post-warranty service are the main activities of FrosTec, UAB.

refrigeration machines, heat pumps, conditioners, and Air ventilation units for commerce

  • Air-cooled refrigerating machines and heat pumps
  • Water-cooled or refrigerated machines with heat exchanger and heat pumps
  • Absorbent refrigeration machines
  • Fan convectors
  • Air conditioners with precise control
  • Rooftop air conditioners
  • High-power “split“-type air conditioners
  • VRF systems
  • Air ventilation units
  • VAV valves
  • Accessories for equipment control
  • Design of commercial refrigeration, heating, and ventilation systems
  • Installation, service, maintenance, and spare parts for refrigeration machines, heat pumps, air conditioners, and air ventilation units

compressors, refrigeration machines, and heat pumps for industry

  • SABROE compressors
  • SABROE refrigeration machines
  • SABROE heat pumps
  • SABROE management systems
  • Spare parts
  • Design of industrial refrigeration, heating, and ventilation systems
  • Installation, service, maintenance,and repair of industrial compressors, refrigeration machines, and heat pumps

air conditioners for home

  • Wall inverter-type air conditioners YHKE 09-24
  • Cassette inverter-type air conditioners YTKE-YKKE 12-55
  • Console inverter-type air conditioners YFKE 18-55
  • Duct inverter-type air conditioners YEKE 12-55
  • Multi inverter-type air conditioners YJU_YH 014-045
  • Service, maintenance, and repair of air conditioners for home

Sale, installation, service, and repair of commercial, industrial, home conditioners, ventilation equipment, refrigeration equipment, heating equipment, and compressors

About FrosTec

FrosTec UAB was founded on 23 July 2009, when, after 15 years of operation in the Baltic States, Johnson Controls decided to change its sales policy. Our company became the official distributor of Johnson Controls industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in the territories of Lithuania and Latvia, as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in Lithuania.

FrosTec UAB is the only company in Lithuania with the right to use the trademarks York, Johnson Controls, SABROE, and Frick. We are proud to offer our customers equipment and spare parts from these brands.

FrosTec UAB focuses on the design of commercial and industrial refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, project implementation, sales of equipment and spare parts, warranty, and post-warranty service.

Our company continues the work started by York and Johnson Controls in the Baltic States. We cooperate closely with meat, fish, vegetable, dairy, brewery, processing and storage, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as logistics centers and design and installation companies.

We offer our clients the experience of our specialists, complex implementation of solutions, high-quality equipment, and top-notch service.

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