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Company Ecodomus

Ecodomus, UAB

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Registration code 302532656
VAT LT100005564816
Manager Girmantas Juknys
Address Kauno pl. 32, Mačiūnai, LT-59157 Prienų r.
Mobile phone Ecodomus Mobile phone
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Website http://www.ecodomus.lt
Skype ecodomus.lt
Bank Swedbank AB
Account number LT037300010123416109
Work hours 8.00-17.00
Employees 16 people (insured)
SS insurer code 2063188
Average salary 656.00 € (2019-04)
Social insurance taxes 2,178.87 € (2019-04)
Turnover 2017: 1 000 001 - 2 000 000 EUR Historical turnover »
Transport 2019-04: 1 car (uses)
Company age 8 years 10 months 22 days
7.6 / 10 (votes 122)


Company Description

The UAB “Ecodomus” factory is one of the most innovative factories in the Baltic States. Products: roof trusses, roof structure trade, panel (frame) houses, wall panel trade, and various design services. The company’s main aim is to provide the clients with highest quality services and all of the guarantees. All of the products that UAB “Ecodomus” provides are also insured under business civil liability insurance.

Roof Truss Production

Roof trusses are modern roof elements and structures that are several times more superior than other conventional rafters that are used today. Wooden roof trusses and their advantages: very high quality, precision, and efficiency in the use of materials necessary for production. For instance, when installing a roof using rafters, you would need approx. 5m³ of wood. In comparison, roof truss element production would only require approx. 3.5m³ of wood. Moreover, this way rapid roof structure production is carried out using the most advanced technologies: potential snow and wind loads are assessed during technical drawing preparation. All related calculations are carried out within the accuracy of 1 millimetre. They are prepared by experienced and licensed design professionals, so the manufactured roof structures are especially accurate and of high quality.

A truss roof is produced using the highest quality wood (certified, strength class C24). Wood is assigned the C24 strength class only when it is dry, i.e. it contains less than 18–20 per cent humidity.

These roofs and roof elements are installed very quickly. Such roof structures save you time, construction site space, and money: roof trusses are delivered to the construction site ready to install. Contracting works may take up anywhere from 1 to 3 days (for individual houses) or even more (e.g. farm roof installations take approx. 7 days to complete), depending on the size of the roof.

Roof trusses are an inexpensive solution to farm buildings (e.g. fabric farms and chicken coops).

Roof trusses:

  • roof structures for cowsheds and other farm buildings;
  • an environmentally friendly roof;
  • fast production;
  • fast construction;
  • an inexpensive solution.

Panel House Structures

Panel houses are commonly referred to as frame houses, but the two types differ in the technologies that are used in the installation. Wall panels are assembled in the factory and a panel house project is prepared in accordance with the calculations carried out using computer technologies. Unlike frame structures and house elements, panel house production maintains high structure quality: no weather impact and the used materials remain dry, this way extending the longevity of the house.

Panel house design is carried out in accordance with the highest (Scandinavian) quality standards. Panel houses are more than wooden houses or log cabins. Professional engineers and constructors will advise and answer all of your questions. Quality projects—your dream home—presented.

Panel (Scandinavian) houses:

  • industrial premises at a lower cost;
  • construction near farm premises;
  • inexpensive house manufacturing;
  • ecological houses in Kaunas and Lithuania.


A panel house is a house with outside finishing. Wind and thermal insulation are used in the production of outside wall segments. Windows and doors are installed in the panels in accordance with the technical drawings. The manufactured set of wall panels is delivered to the indicated construction site in Lithuania and abroad.

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