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Company CEEFFO consulting

CEEFFO consulting, UAB

Registration code 302409714
Manager Gintautė Černiauskė, direktorė
Address Šlamučių g. 7, LT-92286 Klaipėda
Mobile phone Ceeffo Consulting Mobile phone
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Website http://www.ceeffo.lt
Skype ginautej
Account number LT107300010116890017
Work hours 08.00-17.00
Employees 2 people (insured)
SS insurer code 2020666
SODRA (VSDFV) Due to the quarantine information about social security debt from 16 April temporarily will not be published.
Sales revenue 2019: 30 001 - 50 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2020-07: 1 car (uses)
Company age 11 years 1 month 19 days
4.5 / 10 (votes 103)
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Everything that we believe in and offer to our clients are practically tested business and financial solutions that significantly improve the performance of a company.
We change the operational results of a company by providing clarity and creating a control system for the owner, which is simple, systematized and essential for business! This automatically increases operating efficiency without additional investments, helps earn higher returns and creates an employee motivation system which is directly linked to the value created by it for your company!
All of this enables to accelerate business growth as main attention is directed towards value creation and risk management.
It is said that "you must create a game plan in order to win in the market!"

We specialize in:
winning in the market, by firstly creating a game plan!

we can help you
o Carrying out an evaluation of the company's performance (business evaluation, performance evaluation, performance analysis);
o Accelerating business growth without additional investments;
o Finding solutions that would produce the most profit for your business;
o Determining the loss centres and replacing them with profit centres;
o Installing success (critical) performance indicators (KPI indicators);
o Improving performance indicators in the financial, operational management, strategy and planning fields;
o Creating an employee motivation system;
o We participate in the implementation of changes necessary for business growth;
o Creating a control system in the company from the position of the owner;
o Carrying out an optimization of the performance of the company group;
o Applying training according to the needs of the company on the following issues:
 Financial system modelling;
 Performance and profit optimization;
 Strategy and value creation issues;
 On issues related to the improvement of employee motivation and efficiency.

We believe that it is possible to think and manage a business differently, to achieve better performance and improve constantly!

Want to learn more?
We invite you to consult with Gintautė Černiauskė who is a certified business and finance analyst with 18 years of experience in solving issues related to finance and business management.

You will see links between finance, business management, strategy and psychology in our solutions, because all these fields have a direct effect on efficiency, performance and value creation!
Want to learn more?

CEEFFO consulting UAB, established in 2006, successfully operates in the market by providing business and finance solutions to its clients. We have been providing accounting services for small and medium-sized enterprises since the establishment of our company. The accounting department successfully operates to this day, therefore we are able to offer company establishment and accounting services (preparation of documents: from primary documents to financial statements, including accounting of purchases and sales, calculation of wages, tax modelling, filling of declarations, preparation of balance sheets and operational activity reports), company liquidation services and consultations regarding issues related to company performance and calculation of taxes.

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