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Company Apasteel

Apasteel, UAB

Registration code 304297993
VAT LT100010350114
Manager Kristina Apavičiūtė, direktorė
Address Laisvės g. 85G, LT-72310 Tauragė
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Website http://www.apasteel.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/apasteel.modul.systems
Bank AB Swedbank
Account number LT267300010152428977
Work hours 8.00 - 17.00
Employees 65 people (insured)
SS insurer code 2788063
Average salary 1,831.29 € (2019-11)
Social insurance taxes 27,058.56 € (2019-11)
SODRA (VSDFV) debt 25807.18 EUR (2020-01-16 at the beginning of day)
Sales revenue 2018: 3 000 001 - 5 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2019-10: 5 cars (3 owns, 2 uses)
Company age 3 years 5 months 29 days
6.4 / 10 (votes 60)


APASTEEL is a specialist in modular solutions and steel structure manufacturing. We communicate with our clients and suppliers on a personal level and with the highest level of respect. We are not afraid of facing challenges and implementing interesting or non-traditional projects – in fact, that’s everyday life for the APASTEEL team. The best results are achieved through cooperating and looking for solutions together.


Standard Modules
Standard modules can come in various standard sizes: length 10 ft, 20 ft, 30 ft or 40 ft; width 2.43 m, 3 m or 3.2 m. Insulated with selectable materials or facade combinations. Flat-packs are standard modules dissembled and ready for quick assembly on site while saving on transportation costs in case of long distances. Truck can transport form 6 to 8 containers.The assembly can be done easily in 4 hours with easily interchangeable wall segments.

Sanitary Modules
Sanitary modules are made and delivered with functional equipment. Most of the cases sanitary modules are combined with offices, accommodation containers or made as separate premises. Sanitary modules can include various types of internal partitions, toilet seats, handrails for disabled users, pissoirs, boilers, wash basins, PVC or Copper piping system. Sanitary modules are delivered as ready made containers / units.

Custom Modules
Custom made modules are for those clients who want an exceptional product. It can be special order heavy duty industrial module or our design team made home for individual use. Modules are made in APASTEEL factory from scratch or redone from shipping container to brand new kitchen, laundry or any other mobile building. Any size, any scope and on time.

Modular Systems
Our demountable or fully welded modular structure is done by joining many units together into multi story building to create a variety of facilities such as schools, offices, healthcare centers, clinics, workshop places, laundry areas, recreational areas, toilets and showers, dining halls and other social facilities. These modules can be easily used in other areas after its usage on primary project.



Sandwich panel buildings are our most common product in Scandinavia. We provide full range of services such as design, production and erection. Possible choice of colours, materials, dimensions, even the supplier that client prefers:

-Sandwich pannels ( filled with rock wool, EPS or polyurethane).
-Tinning and rainwater systems.
-Windows, doors, gates and any other.

The hall can be equipped with entrance, fire escape or automatic door, lighting and venilation system.


Tinplate hangars - metal structures (hot zinc.). Suitable solution for cold storage. Sidewall covered with contoured plate. Roofing - PVC tent fabric. The sidewall of profiled tinplate will protect your goods not only from precipitation, but also from the intrusion. Galvanized tin coated on the outside with anti-corrosion layer will extend the life time. Sliding tinplate metal gates and doors will help you easily operate the hangar. Wind and snow loads of the roof bearing sheets are compatible with the requirements of certain location. Can be designed in any shape or any form according to customer needs.


We provide a complete range of design and production of the steel work according to the client needs. The weight of steel structures is optimized by the area and use of the building. We also offer traditional tent shape storage halls made from easy to erect steel frame covered with PVC. Wind and snow loads are compatible with requirements of the specific location.


We offer a wide range of metal frame solutions. Starting with custom made small profile steel work and finishing with large steel frames for building OR mass production of standard steel work products.

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