The directory of Lithuanian companies

Savanorių pr. 183, LT-02300 Vilnius.
Categories: work clothes; cleaning services; hygiene goods; labour safety.
Jankiškių g. 52, LT-02300 Vilnius.
Categories: work clothes; cleaning services; consulting services; hygiene goods; labour safety; other activities.
Draugystės g. 8E, LT-51264 Kaunas.
Categories: work clothes; fire safety systems; labour safety; retail; wholesale.
V. Krėvės g. 19, LT-62145 Alytus.
Categories: wholesale; building services; chemical manufacturing; cleaning materials; cosmetic, parfumery; domestic services; economy goods; hygiene goods; online stores; paper and its products; retail; tare, packings; work clothes.
Tinklų g. 29A-1, LT-35115 Panevėžys.
Categories: electroinstallation materials; automation; connection and telecommunication services; electronic equipment and parts; fire safety systems; heating, equipment; lighting; measurments, devices; tools; wholesale.
Varduvos g. 63, LT-89142 Mažeikiai.
Categories: building services; concrete products; engineering networks; facade, decoration; landscaping; machinery, equipment, rental; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; roofs, coverings, services; thermal insolation, renovation; walls, ceiling.
Lygioji g. 3, LT-46359 Kaunas.
Categories: fasteners, elements; building materials; tools; wholesale; work clothes.
Turgaus a. 1-15, LT-91231 Klaipėda.
Categories: designing; building services; investing activities; labour safety.
A. Stulginskio g. 41A, LT-48313 Kaunas.
Categories: fertilizers; chemical manufacturing; compressors, pumps; economy goods; flowers and decorative plants; forest and gardening equipment; gardening; machinery, equipment, rental; online stores; retail; work clothes.
Wholesale and retailsale of gardening products is the main activity of Emolus company. We are the importers and representatives of Organic fertilizer ACTIVIT in Lithuania. Also we are official representatives of the Czech company's brand HECHT in Lithuania. WHOLESALE, RETAILSALE FOR: Fertilizers, bio-fertilizers...
Šiltnamių g. 26, LT-04130 Vilnius.
Categories: industrial equipment; compressors, pumps; machinery, equipment, rental; paints and varnishes; technological equipment; tools; ventilation and conditioning services; work clothes.
Tėvo Stanislovo g. 1-2, LT-82157 Radviliškis.
Categories: work clothes; advertising services; clothing; consulting services; footwear; hygiene goods; labour safety; online stores; retail; wholesale.
MB "Glovė" sales : "Gaston Mille" - high quality specialised and work shoes (France), "Showa" - high quality gloves (Japan), "Helly-Hansen" - high quality work shoes (Norway), "Helly-Hansen"- high quality workwear (Norway), High quality Lithuania made workwear.
Konstitucijos pr. 12, įėjimas iš Šnipiškių g., LT-09308 Vilnius.
Categories: sewing, materials; clothing; fur and its products; gifts, souvenirs; haberdashery; leather products; manufacturing; work clothes.
Žiemgalių g. 8, LT-48230 Kaunas.
Categories: tools; fasteners, elements; measurments, devices; metal construction; metal, processing, products; retail; warehouses; wholesale; work clothes.
Verkių g. 35, LT-09109 Vilnius.
Categories: tools; automation; chemical manufacturing; electronic equipment and parts; industrial equipment; measurments, devices; metal and woodworking machines; metal, processing, products; retail; technological equipment; ventilation and conditioning services; welding equipment; wholesale; work clothes.
UAB SUFRA - was founded in 1997. We can offer one of the widest metal working tools and a range of welding equipment in Lithuania. We are constantly striving to keep our client satisfied, therefore UAB “Sufra” has expanded its range of safety equipment, mechanical and electrical building tools, and so on. Now UAB...
Dimaičių g. 3A, LT-87124 Telšiai.
Categories: work clothes; clothing; individual activity; sewing, materials.
Mechanikų g. 101-2, LT-02201 Vilnius.
Categories: fire safety systems; labour safety; learning courses; video surveillance systems; work at heights; work clothes.
Fire safety Types of Fire Extinguishers Water and Foam Water and Foam fire extinguishers extinguish the fire by taking away the heat element of the fire triangle. Foam agents also separate the oxygen element from the other elements. Water extinguishers are for Class A fires only - they should not be used on Class B...
Žemaičių pl. 58, Šilainiai, LT-48258 Kaunas.
Categories: work clothes; economy goods; fishing and hunting equipment; labour safety; retail; tare, packings; wholesale.
Manufaktūrų g. 3, LT-11342 Vilnius.
Categories: work clothes; air transport, aviation; clothing; footwear.
Verslo g. 11, Grigaičių k., LT-11236 Vilniaus r.
Categories: clothing; footwear; labour safety; work clothes.
UAB “DND TALIS” - is a company which has a great experience in the production and marketing of working clothes and personal protective equipment. didelę patirtį darbo rūbų ir asmens apsaugos priemonių gamyboje ir prekyboje turinti įmonė. Since 1999 we are successfully working in the Baltic market, as wholesale and...
Kalvarijų g. 124, LT-08211 Vilnius.
Categories: work clothes; clothing; footwear.
Taikos pr. 116D, LT-51152 Kaunas.
Categories: work clothes; clothing; hotels, motels.
Vilniaus g. 12-69, LT-87135 Telšiai.
Categories: work clothes; clothing; manufacturing; sewing, materials.
Dariaus ir Girėno g. 103A, LT-82141 Radviliškis.
Categories: plumbing; building materials; economy goods; work clothes.
Smėlynės g. 112-2, LT-35113 Panevėžys.
Categories: work clothes; labour safety; retail; sewing, materials.
Viršuliškių g. 42, LT-05112 Vilnius.
Categories: work clothes; labour safety; retail; wholesale.
Dubysos g. 27A, LT-94104 Klaipėda.
Categories: fire safety systems; automation; measurments, devices; work clothes.
V. Kudirkos g. 4-4, LT-35201 Panevėžys.
Categories: optics, glasses, services; health care institutions; work clothes.