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Valstybinė Mokesčių Inspekcija prie LR Finansų Ministerijos

Address: Vasario 16-osios g. 14, LT-01514 Vilnius.
Categories: control services; public institutions.
The Lithuanian Government implementing the decree of 7 December 1989 of the Supreme Soviet ‘on the economic and social development of the Lithuanian SSR’, by decree of 10 April 1990 ‘on state tax inspectorates’ approved the State Tax Inspectorate and the County Tax Inspectorates in the system of the Ministry of...
Laboratoriniai tyrimai
Address: Mikniūnų k. 5, Mikniūnai, LT-42290 Rokiškio r.
Categories: examination and analysis; control services; laboratories, equipment; road building, repair, bridges.
Address: Medekšinės g. 23, LT-47308 Kaunas.
Categories: examination and analysis; audit; control services; security services.
Saugos tarnyba "ES Security"
Address: V.Krėvės pr. 129, LT-50269 Kaunas.
Categories: security services; consulting services; control services; fire safety systems; indoor security systems.
Vyčio komisarai
Address: Savanorių pr. 51A-13, LT-44255 Kaunas.
Categories: control services; examination and analysis; guns, self-defence equipment; indoor security systems; legal services; security services; video surveillance systems.
It is a private, licensed, innovative security and legal services company „Vyčio komisarai“, oriented to ensure full safety of a person. Our employees are qualified, experienced people, worked in Lithuanian or foreign security companies.
Corpus novum
Address: Priešpilio g. 4-70, LT-91240 Klaipėda.
Categories: consulting services; control services; export; labour exchange, employment.
Qualitas LT
Address: Vytauto g. 20, Simnas, LT-64305 Alytaus r.
Categories: audit; consulting services; control services.
Address: Ąžuolyno g. 10, Gervėnupio k., LT-53162 Kauno r.
Categories: accounting services; consulting services; control services.
"Lietuvos kaljanų" asociacija
Address: Vytenio g. 20, LT-03229 Vilnius.
Categories: control services; corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
Baltic Steel Inspections
Address: Klaipėda.
Categories: consulting services; control services; metal, processing, products; ship repair, construction.
UAB Baltic Steel Inspections specializes in testing marine and ordinary steel structures according to the valid EN ISO, NORSOK, DNV, etc. production standards. The company represents a customer in the entire production process starting from project analysis to “as-built” documentation inspection. The company...
Valstybinė maisto ir veterinarijos tarnyba
Address: Siesikų g. 19, LT-07170 Vilnius.
Categories: control services; corporations, unions, committees, foundations; public institutions.
Audito, apskaitos, turto vertinimo ir nemokumo valdymo tarnyba
Address: Rinktinės g. 48A, LT-09318 Vilnius.
Categories: control services; public institutions.
BTL Group
Address: R. Kalantos g. 49, LT-52303 Kaunas.
Categories: control services.
Address: Žemaitės g. 9, Skaudvilė, LT-73423 Tauragės r.
Categories: consulting services; control services; examination and analysis; sertification services.
Žuvininkystės tarnyba prie Lietuvos Respublikos žemės ūkio ministerijos
Address: J. Janonio g. 24-1, LT-92251 Klaipėda.
Categories: agriculture, services; control services; fishery, fish products; public institutions.
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