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About Rekvizitai.lt

About Rekvizitai.lt

Rekvizitai.vz.lt - Lithuanian business information portal and database, running since 2008.


The start of portal was modest, but due to active work and innovative ideas, it has grown to become a reliable information source for over 12 years.


Rekvizitai.vz.lt partner is Lithuanian Leading Business Newspaper "Verslo žinios". Rekvizitai.vz.lt is the subdomain of "Verslo žinios" business paper online version vz.lt.


The portal presents data from the National Social Insurance Fund Administration (SODRA) about the number of employees in the companies, debts to this institution, and their history. Data is updated every day.


The portal provides data by the PI "Centre of Registers", information on the companies ‘ income (turnover) and their history, data is updated twice a year.


According to the data by PI "Regitra" the portal provides the number of cars the companies hold. Information is updated quarterly.


The portal provides contact information of the companies, according to various sources. This data is also updated by the companies themselves.


The portal provides data (only in Lithuanian version) on the companies ‘involvement in the courts and the full text of cases (information of Lithuanian judicial administration), updated every single day.


The portal (only in Lithuanian version) provides the companies' preliminary credit rating, which is made by the JSC "Credit info" on the basis of credit, public and private institutions data.


The portal (only Lithuanian version) provides data about the companies (address, directors, shareholders, the title, the extent of the authorized capital, etc.), according to the information of the PI "Centre of Registers".


The portal (only in Lithuanian version) provides information about the companies ‘ participation in public procurement, partners, competitors and customers. Data is derived from the analysis of the public procurement portal kontraktai.eu, concluded according to the information of the Public Procurement Office.


The portal provides information not only on existing, active enterprises, but also just as well founded bankrupt or liquidated.


Rekvzitai.vz.lt provides the broadest possible information about the company - photos of the director, business photos, announcements of the companies, press reports about the company and others. However, not all of the information is available in English or other languages.


The portal is integrated with a number of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other systems in Lithuania, and automatically provides them with the data.


According to Google Analytics data in 2020, rekvizitai.vz.lt received as much as 41 million of visits. 9 million unique users who turned over 121 million of pages joined rekvizitai.lt in 2020.


For investors and partners


The managers of rekvizitai.vz.lt explore the market and seek to expand the business territory. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, we always look forward to your message.



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