Įmonė Alnetra

Alnetra, MB

Įmonės kodas 305246628
PVM mokėtojo kodas LT100012652015
Adresas Girulių g. 10, LT-12112 Vilnius
Mobilus telefonas Alnetra Mobilus telefonas
Darbo laikas 8:30-17:30
Įmonės amžius 1 mėnuo 13 dienų
10.0 / 10 (įvertino 1)

Įmonės aprašymas:

Įmonės aprašymas:

Alnetrat MB provides optimized and customized freight forwarding solutions in a professional manner. Focusing on partial and full-truck, standard and refrigerated road transportation services between European and Scandinavian countries, Russia and NVS.


Our most important principle is the proactive approach that makes us reliable. We are responsible for the success. We have the know-how for planning and optimizing time and resources efficiently. We achieve this by taking all the necessary actions on time.


Our core value is to keep the stability in the company and among partners. We work with carefully chosen qualitative and credible providers. Personalized communication is very important part of our work at any time, so you are given the easy access, understanding and control of all the details of the operations. Your load is secure in our hands.


We are constantly innovating, adapting and considering creative ways to deliver beyond what we promise in transporting your goods. We are passionate to ensure that the service provided meets or exceeds yours and your clients’ expectations.


To make the complex logistics operations simple and affordable.


To create the worry-free environment so our customers and providers become confident about agreeing the best transportation conditions and reaching the best results, which will help to improve the image, save the time and resources.

Supply chain can accelerate growth

Logistics specialist has better experience providing services to customers with different needs and standards and will help you with already tested, consistent methods. Such experienced partner can help avoid unexpected issues when changes take place and leverage the change positively with new, innovative ideas and ‘how-to’. Trustworthy long-term partnership will improve the service level overtime and ease the business expansion. Let’s grow together.

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