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LHM Interior
Address: Vyturio g. 1, Kaušėnų k., LT-90100 Plungės r.
Categories: furniture (trade); manufacturing.
"LHM Interior" is producer of high quality furniture. Our product range: kitchen furniture bathroom furniture bedroom furniture restaurants furniture Hotels furniture classic furniture wooden furniture oak furniture pine furniture Our advantages: CNC production advanced furniture design software, securing accurate...
Apvalūs medžio gaminiai

Address: Trakų g. 19, Zabakos k., Vievio sen., LT-21386 Elektrėnai.
Categories: furniture production materials; export; manufacturing; wood and its products.
Apvalūs medžio gaminiai, UAB (AMG) is a Lithuanian company established in 1996 that specializes in products made from birch. AMG has been innovators in wood processing for over 23 years. With company headquarters located near Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, AMG operates from a 2000 square meter manufacturing...
Viking Industrier
Address: Miško g. 25, Ventos k., LT-85302 Akmenės r.
Categories: bathes and bath equipment; designing; export; manufacturing; wood and its products.
Viking Industrier UAB is a Norwegian capital production company located in Venta town, Lithuania. We have gathered a team of professionals whose main goal is to design, produce and sell high quality wooden leisure products and accessories. Since we started our business in 2006, we have grown significantly in so...
Address: Kazimiero Ladygos g. 3-67, LT-08235 Vilnius.
Categories: building services; designing; export; wooden houses.
MB SVM BALTIC - are wooden houses producers, the activity is oriented to designing, manufacturing, construction and project management of timber frame, log , and X-LAM structure houses. We seek to adapt to norms and requirements of each country. We impose high quality requirements to our company and our supliers ;...
Address: Archyvo g. 50-15, LT-50156 Kaunas.
Categories: bathes and bath equipment.
Dear visitors, we welcome you to “TimberIN – Baltic SPAS and Saunas”. This is where we craft our authentic nordic spas, that have become beloved by our customers throughout Europe. Established from a local enterprise in 2009, TimberIN now delivers nordic spas all over Europe and even steps out to other continents...

Address: Galindų g. 15, Buivydiškių k., LT-14166 Vilniaus r.
Categories: wholesale; gifts, souvenirs; manufacturing; toys.
MANUFACTURE, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TRADE OF TOYS. CHIKI-PIKI Toys are environmentally friendly toys for both the youngest children and teenagers, made of all-natural materials that make them safe and harmless not only for the environment but also for your children. High-quality toys, free of chips and sharp edges...
Address: Aukštutinių Kaniūkų g. 25, LT-47297 Kaunas.
Categories: export; glass and glassware; wholesale; windows.
UAB „ JONAS VINDUER“ is based in Lithuania and works with Scandinavian market mainly. Our company can offer the highest quality service and certificated production for a nice price. We are selling such production: PVC production - all types of PVC windows, doors, sliding doors WOODEN production - all types of...
Gaga LT

Address: A. Račkaus g. 18, LT-47272 Kaunas.
Categories: wooden houses; architects; building services.
Wooden modern house created by GagaLT Eiders (Gaga in Lithuanian language) are large birds that breed in the cooler latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. They distinguish themselves from the other birds by their down feathers that keep eiders worm in their nests. The down feathers of eiders are highly valued as a...
Wood Step
Address: Kražantės g. 11A, LT-52110 Kaunas.
Categories: export; furniture (manufacturing); interior materials; wood and its products.
UAB Wood Step specializes in wooden stairs and railings. Emphasis is on great design and quality. Regardless of your location we execute orders across Lithuania. Also we export to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and England. Whether your project is beyond our location we have developed systems to ensure what we...
AV Projektai
Pineca group

Address: Verkių g. 25C-1, LT-08223 Vilnius.
Categories: wood and its products; bathes and bath equipment; building services; car glasses; furniture (trade).
Pineca Group – is a group of companies that manage and invest in timber and bio-energy industry. We manufacture and distribute various wooden structures, residential cabins, and wood pellets. We‘re using ecological Nordic pine and Scandinavian spruce as our primary construction material to guarantee the best...
Geras kelias
Baldų kelias

Address: K. Būgos g. 10, LT-44327 Kaunas.
Categories: furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); metal, processing, products; wood and its products.
- Wooden, metal and upholstery furniture production in Lithuania and Poland - Representing customers interests in Lithuania and Poland, consulting, production supervising
Ekobūsto namai

Address: Verslo I g. 7, Liūdynės k., LT-38130 Panevėžio r.
Categories: building services; manufacturing; wood and its products.
Ekobustas is a family business that produces prefabricated element houses and wooden houses. It was established in 1998. During that times, our production was exported mostly to Germany. However, time passed and our markets expanded. Prefabricated houses are very popular in Scandinavian countries – soon Ekobustas...
Address: Vakarės g. 8, Slengių k., LT-92342 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: building services; furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); wood and its products.
We are element houses (timber frame houses) manufacturer. Our main activities: *Manufacture of element houses. *Manufacture of timber frame houses. *Manufacture of log houses. *Manufacture of wooden stairs and furniture. For more information, please, visit our website or take contact with us. We will gladly answer...
Address: Trakų g. 8A-1, LT-01132 Vilnius.
Categories: manufacturing; furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); other activities.
retasta is a group of companies specialising in manufacturing of wooden products. Categories include: audio speakers, cabinetry, small design furniture.
Address: Akmenų g. 15B, Verduliukai, LT-77115 Šiaulių r.
Categories: designing.
The manufacturing and wholesale company, which works in wooden items production and biomass field.
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