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uab makaronai

Kauno makaronai
Address: Antakalnio g. 24-58, LT-10305 Vilnius.
Categories: other activities.
Ajo makaronai
Address: Laisvės al. 27-1, LT-44311 Kaunas.
Categories: coffee-bars, nightclubs, bars, restaurants; food products.
Ekologiškų ir paprastų kruopų gamyba

Address: Plento g. 39, Naraukelio k., LT-59272 Prienų r.
Categories: agriculture, services; cereals, agriculture; cloth, fabrics; ecological products; export; food products; import; manufacturing; online stores; wholesale.
UAB Ekofrisa is one of the major grain processing companies in the Baltic States. The company buys grain and processes it into grits, flakes and flour. Advanced production technology enables to offer a wide assortment of goods: All kinds of simple and organic grain (buckwheat, groats, pear barley, wheat, millet...
Sweets Guru

Address: Sandraugos g. 22, LT-52100 Kaunas.
Categories: confectionery, sweets; gifts, souvenirs.
Since 2001 the activity of UAB "Manrasta” is wholesale and retail of confectionery: biscuits, chocolate, jelly, chocolate sweets, cotton candies, fruity and energy drinks, gummies, waffles, caramel sweets, butterscotches, sweets in boxes, honey cakes, drops. "Manrasta” is one of the largest companies of wholesale...
Įranga biurams, sandėliams, prekybos centrams ir namams

Address: Miškinių g. 21, LT-04132 Vilnius.
Categories: concrete products; metal, processing, products; warehouses.
Address: Šilyno vs. 1, Šilynas, LT-80166 Šiaulių r.
Categories: other activities.
Sveikas saldumas

Address: Bajorų Sodų 8-oji g. 16, LT-08426 Vilnius.
Categories: ecological products; food delivery at home; food products.
Jungent Lietuva, UAB

Address: Ukmergės g. 283, LT-06313 Vilnius.
Categories: alcoholic beverages; auto cosmetic, materials; car parts; confectionery, sweets; food products; fuel, oil products, petrol stations; hygiene goods; oil and lubricants; soft beverages; wholesale.
Agro Wood
Address: Raktažolių g. 28, Egliškės, LT-13101 Vilniaus r.
Categories: wood and its products.
Ustukių malūnas
Address: Ustukių k., LT-39101 Pasvalio r.
Categories: agriculture, services; cereals, agriculture; confectionery, sweets; food products; manufacturing; wholesale.
Address: Tyzenhauzų g. 4-64, LT-02108 Vilnius.
Categories: cloth, fabrics; firewood; plastic, rubber and its products; soft beverages; work clothes.
Address: Mokslininkų g. 6A, LT-08412 Vilnius.
Categories: children goods; ecological products; food products; hygiene goods.
Address: V. Kudirkos g. 64, LT-68293 Marijampolė.
Categories: alcoholic beverages; food products; warehouses; wholesale.
International trade and local Lithuanian distribution of food products, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, coffee, eggs, grains, flour, oil, pasta, salt, spices, ketchups and sauces, soda, vinegar, beer, personal and house cafe products, pet food. Warehousing services, stickering, loading/unloading
Amber pasta
Address: Panerių g. 5, LT-48337 Kaunas.
Categories: export; food production; food products; manufacturing; wholesale.
Address: Žiedo g. 4, Sudmantai, LT-96327 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: food products.

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Bank of Lithuania, 2019-07-23

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