Krivių g. 42-7, LT-01209 Vilnius.
Categories: art salons and galleries; retail.
Since its establishment in 2009, in the heart of Vilnius old town, Stikliai street, gallery “terra recognita” still is one of the most unique and interesting galleries in the capital. This is the gallery of an exceptional, one-of-a-kind artist Saulius Vaitiekūnas, whose style is easy to recognize, but who is...
Liepų g. 83, LT-92195 Klaipėda.
Categories: machinery, equipment, rental; building materials; metal sales and purchase.
terra infrastructure UAB is supplier and manufacturer of specialized construction machinery and materials. terra infrastructure UAB is part of terra infrastructure GmbH, which is one of the largest steel products and construction machinery supplier worldwide. Main activity of terra infrastructure UAB: steel sheet...
Taikos pr. 52C, LT-91184 Klaipėda.
Categories: legal services; company establishment; consulting services; debt recovery.
UAB Terra virtualis is a law firm operating in Klaipeda. The company is engaged in legal activity and provides services of establishing, restructuring, and reorganizing companies, optimizing their activity, and renders other legal services too. We specialize in consulting, offering business solutions, and providing...
Partizanų g. 15A, LT-50203 Kaunas.
Categories: computer software development; computers and software.
TERRA IT Mission Develop innovative solutions for business, adapting modern technologies and improving business management systems to help digitize business processes. About TERRA IT The company has been operating since 2004. We run our business by developing specialized business management systems based on company...
S. Žukausko g. 17, LT-08234 Vilnius.
Categories: designing; architects; geodesy, cartography.
Terra Modus - the experts in reality capture and point cloud processing services for Architecture & Construction, Heritage & Archaeology, Civil Infrastructure & Land Surveying: 3D laser scanning & Photogrammetry Building documentation 2D/3D/BIM from Point Cloud. Undet Point Cloud Software – for professionals to...
Savanorių pr. 180, LT-03154 Vilnius.
Categories: plastic, rubber and its products; building materials; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; secondary raw materials.
The history of joint-stock company "Plasta" dates back to 1961 - the factory, which was founded this year, started manufacturing household articles of moulded plastic and various elements of pressed plastic. The factory, which in the beginning of its existence had merely a small moulding-pressing workshop, has...
Paupio g. 50-136, LT-11341 Vilnius.
Categories: computer software development.
We are an experienced and innovative technology branch of more than 40 software development professionals who enjoy being part of Boozt - a leading, fast-growing and profitable Nordic technology company selling fashion online. Being the second biggest tech location of this huge international business with more than...
M. Katkaus g. 2C-49, LT-09217 Vilnius.
Categories: designing; architects; interior materials; stone products.
Interior design. Terrazzo products.
Sodininkų 6-oji g. 17, Varkališkių k., LT-20189 Ukmergės r.
Categories: building materials; concrete products; floors, floor coverings; interior materials.
Våra viktigaste verksamhetsområden är: Tillverkning och montage av Terrazzo element Tillverkning och montage av betongdetaljer med öppen struktur Trädgårdsplattor och andra detaljer. Plasthållare Tillverkning av Terrazzo monolitiska golv Sändning och uppsätning av Terrazzo plattor Skötsel och reparation av Terrazzo...
Kalniečių g. 108, LT-50154 Kaunas.
Categories: event organization; entertainment and leisure; gifts, souvenirs; other activities.
DnD House is an RPG and other gaming venue located in Kaunas! RPGs are role-playing board games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, VTM and others. Our premises are furnished like an old tavern. Each room has a table with a built-in screen for more interactive play, and you'll also find a wide range of...
Žirmūnų g. 66, LT-09131 Vilnius.
Categories: agriculture, machinery; fertilizers; flowers and decorative plants; landscaping.
Young plants, seedlings, bulbs. Flower, vegetable, lawn seeds. Fertilizers for flowers, vegetables, lawns, ornamental plants, biostimulants. Peat, rockwool, cocopeat substrates. Flower pots, trays, outdoor pots. Ground cover, agrofleece. Greenhouses, rolling benches, irrigation, fertilization equipment, light...
Samanų tak. 14, LT-47299 Kaunas.
Categories: manufacturing; metal, processing, products; roofs, coverings, services; wholesale.
Our company specializes in aluminum constructions production. We produce aluminum – glass constructions meant for terraces, balconies, loggias glazing, also glazing for non standard solutions required places. Inseparable products are patio canopies, carports and fully glazed verandas. More info: http://jvalu.com...
Eigulių g. 2, (BMS Megapolis), LT-03150 Vilnius.
Categories: windows; building materials; building services; doors, locks, keys; export; facade, decoration; gates; glass and glassware; interior materials; manufacturing; thermal insolation, renovation.
Manufacturer of plastic windows, doors and glass terraces. We manufacture and install plastic windows of various shapes, plastic windows with vents, doors, terraces, internal partitions. All services in one hand: consulting, design, production, installation, finishing. VIVA LANGAI means warmth, bright image and...
Biržulio g. 4, Pavandenė, LT-88302 Telšių r.
Categories: pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; engineering networks; land reclamation; machinery, equipment, rental.
Do you have a plot of land, a homestead, build a house, or have a lot of unresolved questions about terrain formation, land leveling, trenching, and foundation work? Are you tired of the impassable roads to your home or work? Do we need to load, unload, transport cargo? We dig ponds, pond cleaning, coastal...
Tujų g. 6, Miežonių k., LT-33240 Molėtų r.
Categories: countryside tourism; bathes and bath equipment; hotels, motels; sanatoria, resort centres.
Homestead with sauna in Molėtai district on the shore of Lake Galuonos. The homestead has two cozy cottages and a sauna. Cabins can accommodate up to 14 people. The first cabin sleeps 6, the second sleeps 4, and 4 guests of the resort can stay overnight in the sauna. The cottages are connected to the sauna by a...
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