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Address: Naugarduko g. 102, LT-03160 Vilnius.
Categories: medical equipment.
At TELTONIKA TELEMEDIC we develop and manufacture telemedicine devices from artificial lung ventilators for hospitals to smartwatches that can detect atrial fibrillation. Being a part of Teltonika IoT group, our core value is to help people and society, so we believe that by developing telemedicine products, we...
Address: Ditvos g. 6, LT-02121 Vilnius.
Categories: other activities.
Teltonika IoT Group unites Lithuanian high-tech companies operating under the brand name of Teltonika as well as all the representative offices of Teltonika around the world. Today, the Teltonika company group has more than 2400 employees in 19 countries. Lithuanian companies Teltonika Telematics, Teltonika...
Address: Vytauto g. 110-20, LT-76345 Šiauliai.
Categories: connection and telecommunication services; engineering networks; internet, services.
Telsita Group is all about making digital infrastructure investments grow. We believe that the only way we can reach the CO2 emission targets for Europe is through providing a high speed, low latency broadband service to every home and workplace using a dedicated fiber connection. This leads to removing unnecessary...
Address: V. Mačernio g. 67-49, LT-90129 Plungė.
Categories: institutes, scientific researches.
Lietuvos telemedicinos asociacija
Address: Mokslininkų g. 2A, LT-08412 Vilnius.
Categories: corporations, unions, committees, foundations; health care institutions.
Viešoji įstaiga Telemedicinos tyrimų centras
Address: Vytauto pr. 27, LT-44352 Kaunas.
Categories: health care institutions.
Vision Technologies

Address: Vilkpėdės g. 22, LT-03151 Vilnius.
Categories: optics, glasses, services.
Address: Vivulskio g. 7, LT-03162 Vilnius.
Categories: health care institutions.
Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universiteto ligoninė Kauno klinikos
Address: Eivenių g. 2, LT-50161 Kaunas.
Categories: health care institutions.
Kauno klinikos
Lietuvos Odontologų informacijos centras

Address: Laisvės al. 61C-1, LT-44304 Kaunas.
Categories: information supply; odonthology, services.
Address: Savanoriu pr. 137, LT-44146 Kaunas.
Categories: consulting services; web development, hosting.
Baltic RAD
Address: Taikos pr. 131A, LT-51124 Kaunas.
Categories: health care institutions.
Baltic RAD teleradiology groups' radiologists provide medical consultations and reports when dealing with non-typical cases that require special expertise. Baltic RAD is the largest virtual diagnostic radiology clinic in the Baltic region. Our offices employ a large team of radiologists with deep experience in...
Daktaras telefonu

Address: V. Nagevičiaus g. 3, LT-08237 Vilnius.
Categories: health care institutions.
Address: Saltoniškių g. 14, LT-08105 Vilnius.
Categories: other activities.
At Teltonika IoT Group, we develop an exceptional worldwide Internet of Things solutions. Today, more than 10 million IoT devices are already connected to the internet and are expanding our business activity in Telematics, Network, Telemedicine, and Original Device Manufacturing fields. We aspire to become one of...
Viešoji Įstaiga Telemedicininių Technologijų Centras
Address: Bitininkų g. 4-16, Vilnius.
Categories: health care institutions.

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