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system in Telšiai

UAB "Virtualios Sistemos"
Address: Respublikos g. 49-2, LT-87130 Telšiai.
Categories: computers and software.
Web Systems
Address: Sedos g. 34A-305, LT-87101 Telšiai.
Categories: computer software development; web development, hosting.
Telšių inžinerinės sistemos
Address: Luokės g. 21I-18, LT-87128 Telšiai.
Categories: engineering networks.
Telšių Apskrities Vidaus Reikalų Sistemos Darbuotojų Profesinė Sąjunga
Address: Respublikos g. 28, Telšiai.
Categories: corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
Žemaitijos keliai
Address: Statybininkų g. 7, LT-87101 Telšiai.
Categories: road building, repair, bridges; warehouses.
UAB "Žemaitijos keliai" is a certified road and bridge construction company, expanding its activities in the western part of Lithuania as well in Kaliningrad region, Russia. In late 1959, under the governmental order, the former Road Construction Board No.3 which used to operate in Kaunas was moved to Telšiai in...
Address: Mažeikių g. 17C, LT-87101 Telšiai.
Categories: concrete products; landscaping; machinery, equipment, rental; stone products; transportation.
Address: Statybininkų g. 5, LT-87101 Telšiai.
Categories: building materials; forestry, forest goods; hydraulics, pneumatics; landscaping; metal, processing, products; tires, rims; transportation; wood and its products.
Address: Sedos g. 34A, LT-87101 Telšiai.
Categories: computers (maintenance, repair); computers and software; connection and telecommunication services; web development, hosting.
Address: Pramonės g. 15A, LT-87101 Telšiai.
Categories: building services; engineering networks; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; thermal insolation, renovation.
Address: Plungės g. 74, LT-87326 Telšiai.
Categories: agriculture, machinery; engineering networks; fishery, fish products; gates; machinery, equipment, rental; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; plumbing; rawmaterials; ventilation and conditioning services.
Saugos tarnyba "Argus" [Telšiuose]
Address: Sedos g. 1, LT-87112 Telšiai.
Categories: indoor security systems; security services.
Services provided by ARGUS security company: Guarding services; Event security solutions; Fire & security systems; Patrol and response services; Design, installation and maintenance of security systems; Transport security; Cash solutions; Risk management and consultancy.
AB Žemaitijos pienas
Address: Sedos g. 35, LT-87101 Telšiai.
Categories: coffee-bars, nightclubs, bars, restaurants; food products; manufacturing; milk, milk products.
Address: Statybininkų g. 5, LT-87101 Telšiai.
Categories: engineering networks; heating, equipment; plumbing; ventilation and conditioning services.
PH Dental
Address: S. Daukanto g. 9b-2, LT-87110 Telšiai.
Categories: odonthology, services.
N. Didžgalvio firma

Address: Muziejaus g. 17, LT-87340 Telšiai.
Categories: building materials; building services; wholesale.

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