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Stoniškių Pagrindinė Mokykla
Address: Stoniškių k., LT-99304 Pagėgiai.
Categories: comprehensive schools.
Stoniškių Žara
Address: Rukų k., LT-99302 Pagėgių sav.
Categories: food products; manufacturing; meat and meat products.
Stoniškių seniūnija
Address: Klaipėdos g. 1, Stoniškiai, LT-99304 Pagėgiai.
Categories: wards.
Stoniškių giedra
Address: Klaipėdos g. 18, Stoniškių k., LT-99304 Pagėgiai.
Categories: food stores.
Stoniškių bendruomenė
Address: Aušros g. 1, Rukai, LT-99302 Pagėgiai.
Categories: communities.
Stoniškių sporto klubas "Kamana"
Address: Rukų k., Stoniškių sen., Pagėgiai.
Categories: gyms.
Address: Dvaro g. 1, Gobergiškė, LT-92498 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: labour exchange, employment; logistics services; transportation; warehouses.
The main activity of Vlantana UAB is international road freight transportation. We respect our clients with whom we have maintained excellent business relationships for more than twenty years. We gained experience and customers’ trust; many of them have become our partners today. We can say with confidence that...

Address: Justiniškių g. 62A-119, LT-05239 Vilnius.
Categories: connection and telecommunication services; online stores; retail; wholesale.
Address: Telšių g. 70, Juciai, LT-88238 Telšių r.
Categories: agriculture, machinery; elevators, lifts; municipal machinery; retail.
Medžio projektas
Address: Maštaičių g. 2, Žygėnai, LT-71409 Šakių r.
Categories: building services; forestry, forest goods; wood and its products.
Address: Naugarduko g. 91, LT-03202 Vilnius.
Categories: computers and software; internet, services; web development, hosting.
- SEO services - Remote Support - Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions - Remote Data Backup - Hosting - Spam & Virus Protection - Linux, Windows servers support
Address: Blindžių g. 7-16, LT-08111 Vilnius.
Categories: other activities.
Address: Veiverių g. 9B-62, LT-11346 Vilnius.
Categories: computers (maintenance, repair).
Address: Klaipėdos g. 6, Gargždai, LT-96135 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: building services.
Address: Aguonų g. 20-55, LT-03212 Vilnius.
Categories: food products; wholesale.
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Bank of Lithuania, 2019-06-18

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