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stikl in Tauragė

Stiklo pluošto darbai
Address: Laisvės g. 44, LT-72309 Tauragė.
Categories: glass and glassware.
Address: Pramonės g. 5J, LT-72328 Tauragė.
Categories: industrial equipment; manufacturing; plastic, rubber and its products.
Vlado medis
Address: Pramonės g. 5D, LT-72328 Tauragė.
Categories: manufacturing; wood and its products.
V. Bendiko
Address: Sandėlių g. 2 / Pramonės g. 2, LT-72327 Tauragė.
Categories: glass and glassware; manufacturing; sewing, materials.
O. Andriuškienės IĮ "Vinita Plius"
Address: Tilžės pl. 3, Tauragė.
Categories: metal, processing, products.
Address: Dariaus ir Girėno g. 36-77, LT-72243 Tauragė.
Categories: building materials; building services; export; furniture (trade).
Address: Švyturio g. 4, LT-72361 Tauragė.
Categories: building services.
UAB "Joliva"
Address: Stoties g. 27, Tauragė.
Categories: metal, processing, products.
UAB "Indrusta"
Address: Stoties g. 15, Tauragė.
Categories: metal, processing, products.
UAB Darbelita
Address: Kęstučio g. 34, Tauragė.
Categories: building services.
Address: Bažnyčių g. 4-2, LT-72253 Tauragė.
Categories: car security and other supplementary systems; electroinstallation works; engineering networks; indoor security systems; security services; sertification services.
UAB "Pajūrio Paslaugų Centras"
Address: Dariaus ir Girėno g. 28-81, Tauragė.
Categories: metal, processing, products.

Exchange rates

US dollar
USD 0.8801 €
Pound sterling
GBP 1.1160 €
Polish zloty
PLN 0.2346 €
Russian ruble
RUB 0.0140 €
Belarussian ruble
BYN 0.4286 €
Australian dollar
AUD 0.6144 €
Canadian dollar
CAD 0.6690 €
Chinese yuan
CNY 0.1280 €
Czech koruna
CZK 0.0392 €
Danish krone
DKK 0.1340 €
Japanese yen
JPY 0.0082 €
Norwegian krone
NOK 0.1034 €
Swedish krona
SEK 0.0948 €
Swiss franc
CHF 0.8998 €
Turkish lira
TRY 0.1527 €
Ukrainian hryvnia
UAH 0.0333 €
Bank of Lithuania, 2019-06-27

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