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st sistemos

ST Biuro sistemos
Address: Nemuno g. 79-5, LT-37355 Panevėžys.
Categories: computers and software; computers (maintenance, repair); connection and telecommunication services; office equipment; office supplies; paper and its products.
Laser and inkjet cartridge refill. Consumables for all printers and copiers. Trade portable and desktop computers, their maintenance and support.
Straujos prekybos sistemos

Address: Gaižiūnų g. 3, LT-50128 Kaunas.
Categories: computers and software; restaurant equipment; sales equipment.
STRAUJOS PREKYBOS SISTEMOS (SPS) Ltd. – is one of the leaders in selling and technical maintenance of trade equipment and implementing information technologies in commerce structures in Lithuanian market. The Company offers a full range of the accounting and management solutions for the trading enterprises...
Inteligentiškos statybinės sistemos IĮ
Address: Sodų g. 6, LT-01313 Vilnius.
Categories: building materials; building services; ventilation and conditioning services.
Užstato sistemos administratorius

Address: Lentvario g. 22, LT-02300 Vilnius.
Categories: secondary raw materials; tare, packings.
Lorte studio
Slenkančios sistemos

Address: Sudervės g. 1A-1, Avižieniai, LT-14184 Vilniaus r.
Categories: furniture (manufacturing); designing; furniture (trade); manufacturing.
Since it‘s creation Slenkančios sistemos has been dedicated to the manufacture and selling of wardrobes, partitions, walk – in closets with sliding doors and other nonstandard furniture. Our partners are well known west European companies: EGGER (Austria), STANLEY/ HOME DECOR (England), RIVAL (Norway), Noteborn...
Stumdomos sistemos

Address: Ukmergės g. 369A, LT-12142 Vilnius.
Categories: furniture production materials.
Stabilios sistemos
Address: Kretingos g. 11-27, LT-92218 Klaipėda.
Categories: accounting services; computer software development; computers and software; consulting services.
We are a HansaWorld Enterprise accounting, CRM & ERP software dealer in Lithuania. We sell, install and support Hansa. Also we develop custom solutions with Hansa's built-in programming language HAL (Hansa Application Language). HansaWorld has more than 65,000 customers worldwide and is one of the most growing ERP...
Būsto sistemos
Address: Taikos pr. 77-34, LT-94114 Klaipėda.
Categories: building services; roofs, coverings, services.
UAB "Stogų Sistemos"
Address: Maumedžių g. 11-4, LT-08307 Vilnius.
Categories: roofs, coverings, services.
Standex sistemos
Address: Dariaus ir Girėno g. 25, LT-02189 Vilnius.
Categories: interior materials; manufacturing; metal, processing, products; wholesale.
Kelių sistemos
Cargo stream

Address: Gedimino pr. 33-1, LT-01104 Vilnius.
Categories: computer software development.
Statybinių konstrukcijų sistemos
Address: Beržų g. 22, Babtai, LT-54332 Kauno r.
Categories: building services.
Studijų ir Verslo Sistemos
Address: Tilžės g. 22, LT-78157 Šiauliai.
Categories: coffee-bars, nightclubs, bars, restaurants; office for rent; real estate.
Statinių inžinerinės sistemos
Address: Mokyklos g. 6, Bukiškio k., LT-14182 Vilniaus r.
Categories: heating, equipment; ventilation and conditioning services.
Vakarų statybų sistemos
Address: Dubysos g. 25, LT-91181 Klaipėda.
Categories: heating, equipment; ventilation and conditioning services.
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