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sport avalyne

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West Sport Group
Address: Dvaro g. 6, LT-92347 Klaipėda.
Categories: sport and tourism goods; event organization; gyms.
West Sport Group installs sports grounds, stadiums, gymnasiums. We sell telescopic stands, mobile stands, various audience seating, and so on. We sell high quality basketball boards, constructions, hoops and other sports equipment.
Ortopedijos technika
Gijos Klinikos / Sveikatinė

Address: Partizanų g. 17, LT-49476 Kaunas.
Categories: medical equipment; health care institutions; manufacturing.
AB Ortopedijos technika founded in 1945 is the largest manufacturer of orthopaedic technical devices in the Baltic States. Our activities include orthopaedic goods manufacturing (prostheses, orthopaedic footwear, insoles, splints) and providing medical services. The company’s products are sold in Sveikatinė stores...
Deichmann avalynė
Address: A. Goštauto g. 40B, LT-03163 Vilnius.
Categories: footwear.
Sporto fėja
Address: Aušros g. 42, LT-44158 Kaunas.
Categories: gyms; sport and tourism goods.

Address: Šilagirio g. 23, LT-47241 Kaunas.
Categories: clothing; footwear; gyms; sport and tourism goods.

Address: Nepriklausomybės g. 70-11, LT-70185 Vilkaviškis.
Categories: clothing; footwear; online stores.
Sportas ir mada
Address: J.Kubiliaus g. 18, LT-09108 Vilnius.
Categories: sport and tourism goods; entertainment and leisure; event organization; footwear; labour safety.
Our store offers all tourist and mountaineering inventory: tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, shoes and apparel for trekking, rock climbing boots, stoves, waterproofing packs, compasses, mountaineering gaiters, mattresses, ice axes, karabiners, vacuum bottles and other. For winter season we offer skis, snowboards...
Edmundo Budrio firma

Address: Pramonės pr. 16, Prekybos miestelis URMAS, LT-51186 Kaunas.
Categories: footwear; haberdashery.
JG Sport

Address: J. Tiškevičiaus g. 7-6, LT-02231 Vilnius.
Categories: clothing; footwear; sport and tourism goods.
Vitaga ir KO

Address: Draugystės g. 15B, LT-51228 Kaunas.
Categories: clothing; footwear; sewing, materials.

Address: Kepyklos g. 15C, LT-62117 Alytus.
Categories: clothing; cars; footwear; sport and tourism goods.
Aurimo Pilecko individuali veikla
Drabužių parduotuvė "Sportsway.lt"

Address: Pulko g. 12-1, LT-62133 Alytus.
Categories: clothing; footwear; retail; sport and tourism goods.
Sporto gama
Address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 93D, LT-28228 Utena.
Categories: motorcycles; sport and tourism goods.
Sportfactory LT
Address: Aido g. 17-34, LT-78291 Šiauliai.
Categories: sport and tourism goods; clothing; footwear.
Address: Bažnyčių g. 15, LT-72254 Tauragė.
Categories: dishes and cutlery; sport and tourism goods.
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