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priemonių in Kaunas district

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Address: Smiltynų kel. 3, Smiltynų I k., LT-54400 Kauno r.
Categories: blinds, curtains, roller shades; export; interior materials; manufacturing.
The company was founded in 2008 and we have made a good name among our customers. In the course of these years we brought together an excellent team of professionals, which allows us to make Your wishes come true fast and with quality. We maintain friendly treatment of every customer and flexible approach to...
PGM technika
Sunkiosios technikos padangos, ratlankiai

Address: Plento g. 6, Užliedžiai, LT-54305 Kauno r.
Categories: agriculture, machinery; export; forestry, forest goods; import; retail; tires, rims; truck sales, parts, service; wholesale.
Ortopedijos klinika
Address: Liepų g. 11, Garliava, LT-53239 Kauno r.
Categories: health care institutions; manufacturing; medical equipment.
Company is specialized in modern design, developing and manufacturing of orthopedic. “Ortopedijos Klinika” offers: - professional support and individual manufacturing of orthopedic devices, - preventive comfortable shoes for your feet. Products are manufactured at ISO 9001 certified state and licensed by Ministry...
Pavojingų bei nepavojingų atliekų surinkimas

Address: Žaisos g. 13, Šlienavos k., LT-53135 Kauno r.
Categories: consulting services; environmental protection; secondary raw materials; waste management.

Address: A. Kriščiūno g. 1C, Žiegždrių k., LT-53104 Kauno r.
Categories: advertising services.
Rigveda [Domeikavos filialas]
Address: Bažnyčios g. 3, Domeikava, LT-54354 Kauno r.
Categories: driving schools; learning courses.
Rigveda [Akademijos filialas]
Address: Mokyklos g. 5, Akademijos mstl., LT-53347 Kauno r.
Categories: driving schools; learning courses.
Juodas liūtas

Address: Suvalkų g. 5-1, Smiltynų I k., LT-54440 Kauno r.
Categories: advertising services; manufacturing.
Address: Tremtinių g. 4, Teleičių k., LT-53273 Kauno r.
Categories: chemical manufacturing; economy goods; hygiene goods; paper and its products.
Medicinos Fizika
Address: Gluosnių g. 3, Karkazai, LT-53277 Kauno r.
Categories: health care institutions; measurments, devices; medical equipment.
Estetinės dermatologijos klinika "Amber Esthetic"

Address: Smiltės g. 35, Voškonių k., LT-54346 Kauno r.
Categories: beauty salons and barber's shops; cosmetic, parfumery; health care institutions; spa centers.
Baidarių agentūra
Address: Pipirų g. 1, Domeikava, LT-54358 Kauno r.
Categories: countryside tourism; tourism, travels, services; water transport.
Address: Griežlės g. 82-2, Užliedžių k., LT-54303 Kauno r.
Categories: designing; engineering networks.
Address: K. Dulksnio g., Narsiečiai 9, LT-53304 Kauno r.
Categories: labour safety; manufacturing.
UAB "Merseta" is a Lithuanian producer of high performance fire fighting products. Production and sale of ecological fire extinguishing spray ReinoldMax. Three sizes 500 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml. Production of fire extinguishers: powder, foam and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. Sales of high quality fire...
Address: Bažnyčios g. 5-1, Domeikava, LT-54349 Kauno r.
Categories: cars; customs services, customs.
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