prefabricated houses

A. Goštauto g. 8-120, LT-01108 Vilnius.
Categories: building services; manufacturing.
Main sphere of activity - prefabricated timber frame panel houses; design, manufacturing and construction.
Geležinkelio Pylimo g. 4, Gargždai, LT-96157 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: wooden houses; manufacturing; roofs, coverings, services; wood and its products.
Are you dreaming about a new cozy, Scandinavian quality home? The company "Liskandas" located in one of the Baltic countries - Lithuania, very close to the seaside - is what you are looking for! The Norwegian and Lithuanian capital company has been producing offsite timber frame houses for more than 20 years. Many...
Ditvos g. 37, LT-02121 Vilnius.
Categories: wooden houses; building services; designing; manufacturing.
READY HOUSE Ltd., your eco-friendly prefabricated housing company. With 12 years of experience, we use certified eco materials, and hold all necessary certifications for exporting to EU countries. We take pride in offering environmentally conscious alternatives that reduce waste and preserve natural resources...
Verslo I g. 7, Liūdynės k., LT-38130 Panevėžio r.
Categories: building services; manufacturing; wood and its products.
Ekobustas is a family business that produces prefabricated element houses and wooden houses. It was established in 1998. During that times, our production was exported mostly to Germany. However, time passed and our markets expanded. Prefabricated houses are very popular in Scandinavian countries – soon Ekobustas...
Gamyklų g. 4, LT-68108 Marijampolė.
Categories: metal construction; building services; connection and telecommunication services; export; manufacturing; metal, processing, products; office for rent; wholesale.
MAIN ACTIVITY JSC concern "ALGA" aim is to provide high-quality and reliable metal constructions products also other manufactured production as well as providing design, construction and transport services that meet customer’s needs and expectations. Concern quality, environmental and occupational health and safety...
Agronomijos g. 45, LT-47480 Kaunas.
Categories: metal construction; building services; export; manufacturing.
Modular units for living, sanitary, commercial, administrative, universal modules • We implement projects of architects, designers, advertising agencies • We design modular buildings from your sketches and ideas • We offer different climatic conditions meeting modular structures: from the Scandinavian market, the...
Vaškių g. 32, Mickų k., LT-96361 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: building services; building materials; gates; wood and its products.
„House Tech Construction Company“ (HTCC) is a manufacturer of panel structures. The largest part of its production consists of private house manufacturing and installation. The company also produces panel structures for apartment buildings, sound blocking fences and community buildings, such as schools and museums...
Pramonės g. 5, LT-35289 Panevėžys.
Categories: building services; manufacturing; wood and its products; wooden houses.
The main activity of joint stock company Skydmedis is production and building/assembling of timber frame panel/element houses, dwellings, cottages, cabins and fabrication of precut timber items. Timber house elements are produced in the company since the year 1997. Quality management system ISO 9002 was implemented...
Nemenčios g. 30, Pakryžė, LT-15164 Vilniaus r.
Categories: building services; designing; export; manufacturing.
UAB "Megavaras" specializes in manufacturing and building prefabricated panel houses as well as constructing roofs, teraces and garages. Every year our production is being sold in Lithuania and other European union states. With each customer we are working individualy, because our main goal is to offer a client the...
Verslo g. 15, Liūdynė, LT-38130 Panevėžio r.
Categories: wooden houses; building services; manufacturing.
Prefabricated wooden-panel houses designing, production, construction
Girelės g. 20, LT-56160 Kaišiadorys.
Categories: manufacturing; doors, locks, keys; windows; wooden houses.
UAB RODA manufactures the European- and Scandinavian-type windows and doors. The products are distinguished by a simple and original design, quality, reliability and safety. UAB RODA exports its wooden windows and exterior doors to Denmark, Germany, Norway and Ireland. Apart from wooden window and door manufacture...
Pilaitės Sodų 6-oji g. 19, LT-06230 Vilnius.
Categories: building services.
Prefabricated low energy houses
Gilužio g. 6, LT-06279 Vilnius.
Categories: other activities.
Tiny House Lietuva, The Tiny House Movement, Tiny Home Manufacturers & Trailers Trade, Tiny House Trailer, Boat Trailer, Sailboat Trailer
Pramonės g. 14D, LT-62175 Alytus.
Categories: building services; designing; export; wood and its products.
UAB Scandi House established 1999, Alytus, Lithuania The company, established by 3 highly skilled experienced engineers with supplementary experience from Europe and USA . Scandi House manufactures and deliver architect-designed houses and houses specified by the client – designed and approved by our inhouse...