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Kauno Petrašiūnų darbo rinkos mokymo centras
Address: R. Kalantos g. 19, LT-52302 Kaunas.
Categories: labour safety; learning courses.
Vilniaus Gabrielės Petkevičaitės-Bitės suaugusiųjų mokymo centras
Bitės SMC

Address: Kauno g. 43, LT-03203 Vilnius.
Categories: comprehensive schools; language courses; learning courses.
Petrašiūnų Bendruomenės Centras, Labdaros Fondas
Address: Betonuotojų g. 4, LT-52371 Kaunas.
Categories: charity and support; corporations, unions, committees, foundations; social services.
Šiaulių Petro Avižonio ugdymo centras
Address: Papilės g. 3, LT-76196 Šiauliai.
Categories: kindergartens.
Petkūnų bendruomenės centras
Address: Stadiono g. 17, Petkūnų k., LT-58460 Kėdainių r.
Categories: communities; corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
A. Petrovo jojimo centras
Address: Labrenciškės g. 12, LT-92286 Klaipėda.
Categories: sport and tourism goods.
Address: Žemaičių g. 14, LT-36128 Panevėžys.
Categories: health care institutions.
Petrašiūnų vaikų dienos centras
Address: R. Kalantos g. 40, Kaunas.
Categories: guardianship and care institutions.
Bendruomenės centras "Petrašiūnai"
Address: Eglutės tak. 10A, LT-52351 Kaunas.
Categories: corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
Pakuotės ir lipdukai Jūsų verslui

Address: J. Savickio g. 4, LT-01108 Vilnius.
Categories: graphics, design; manufacturing; paper and its products; printing houses, publishing services; tare, packings.
Jakovo veterinarijos centras

Address: Gerosios Vilties g. 1-7, LT-03147 Vilnius.
Categories: veterinary medicine; animal care, help; feed, food for animals; pets, food, goods; retail.
Jakovo Veterinary Centre is the oldest private veterinary clinic (founded in 1991) in Vilnius, which specialises in treatment of dogs and cats. Our veterinary doctors specialise in: Therapy Surgery Dermatology Ophthalmology Neurology Oncology Emergency care Prophylactic care Dentistry Diagnostic laboratory services...
Bag-in-Box pakuotės, vakuuminiai maišeliai

Address: Pramonės pr. 4K, LT-51329 Kaunas.
Categories: tare, packings; export; manufacturing; plastic, rubber and its products; wholesale.
“AZ-Pack“, JSC specializes in the market of packaging materials. The company mainly produces, sells vacuum bags and cups, standing “Doy-Pack” bags with the bottom and zip closure, “Bag in Box” bags for liquids, bags for bakery products, PP “Fresh Pack" containers, OPS containers. Following Good Manufacturing...
Pakavimo medžiagos, įrenginiai, pakavimo metodai

Address: Ringuvos g. 53, LT-45245 Kaunas.
Categories: tare, packings; building materials; industrial equipment; paper and its products; plastic, rubber and its products; retail; technological equipment; wholesale.
JSC AIRUSLITA established in 2002. We are offering wide spectrum of packaging machines and full range of packaging materials. PACKAGING MACHINES PALLET WRAPPERS: Stretch film pallet wrappers, are one of the most popular solutions for wrapping products on pallets. Depending on product specifications, there is an...
Įranga verslui
Sandėliams ir gamybai, parduotuvėms, biurams, Ho Re Ca, aplinkai

Address: Šilagėlių g. 1, LT-52181 Kaunas.
Categories: warehouses; car repair and petrol station equipment; elevators, lifts; food production and processing equipment; freezing equipment; furniture (trade); heating, equipment; industrial equipment; office equipment; restaurant equipment; sales equipment; tare, packings.
Address: K. Donelaičio g. 31, Kuršėnai, LT-81174 Šiaulių r.
Categories: industrial equipment; food production and processing equipment; laboratories, equipment.
We are representatives of more than ten Germany Companies for Baltic States. The main types of equipment we can offer You are as follows: - All kind and capacity industrial pumps. - Sieves, screeners, separators, and filtration machines. - Tube chain conveyors for all kind of bulk materials. - Animal food producing...
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