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modest uab

Address: Savanorių pr. 180, LT-03154 Vilnius.
Categories: automation; designing; metal and woodworking machines; metal, processing, products.
ROBOTISED "PICK & PLACE" Effective solutions for stacking, packaging, and assemblage of products in various industrial fields. Extensive use of 2D and 3D visual recognition systems (“we give the robots eyes”). Wide range of possibilities for interfaces with manufacturing equipment, such as CNC machines or other...
Molten Marine
Interior outfitting, insulation, cladding services

Address: Taikos pr. 24-3, LT-91222 Klaipėda.
Categories: ship repair, construction; building services; manufacturing; roofs, coverings, services; thermal insolation, renovation.
JSC Molten Marine, a company based in Klaipėda, the port town of Lithuania. JSC Molten Marine provides full services in shipbuilding, ship repair, and industrial construction. The company expands its operations both in Lithuania and worldwide. Our main aim is to provide professional, high-quality and timely...
Address: Taikos pr. 17-65, LT-91140 Klaipėda.
Categories: connection and telecommunication services; computers (maintenance, repair); computers and software; video surveillance systems.
We are company providing fibre-optic networks, low currents, video, audio and coferencing solutions, as well as solutions for the educational sector. Lantelis, UAB (LANTEL) was established at the beginning of 2009. Since the establishment of the company, we have accumulated extensive material facilities and...
Vilkyškių pieninė
Vilvi Group

Address: Prano Lukošaičio g. 14, Vilkyškiai, LT-99254 Pagėgiai.
Categories: milk, milk products; export; food products; manufacturing.
Vilvi Group consists of 4 companies: Vilkyškių pieninė AB, “Modest“ AB, Kelmės pieninė AB and “Pieno logistika“ AB. The group operates 4 food-processing factories that produce exceptional products: Hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses, blue cheese “Memel blue“, which is produced using an original recipe; Cheeses with...
Modis Knitting Designer

Address: J. Sondeckio g. 7, LT-78214 Šiauliai.
Categories: clothing; art salons and galleries; individual activity.
Juškos korporacija
Juška Corp.

Address: Strazdelio g. 14, Tirkšliai, LT-89329 Mažeikių r.
Categories: building services; mediation.
The goal of Juška Corporation is to save the client's precious time! Work direction: Mediation; Construction work; Design, from idea to realization. To meet the expectations of the most demanding customers allows us to: constant communication with the client; a simple organizational structure that allows for easy...
Address: Raudondvario pl. 135A, LT-47192 Kaunas.
Categories: furniture production materials; furniture (trade); wholesale; wood and its products.
Address: Vaidvilės g. 4, Netoniai, LT-54112 Kauno r.
Categories: paper and its products; manufacturing; printing houses, publishing services; tare, packings.
A wide range of cardboard and paper products manufacturer. According to Your individual order we will produce: Paper cups; Cardboard boxes- packaging; Press advertising (leaflets, booklets, business cards, booklets, flyers, magazines, letterheads, menus and much more). We also provide these services:...
Address: Birutės g. 22-39, LT-91187 Klaipėda.
Categories: consulting services; communities; ecological products; learning courses.
UAB Mproducts

Address: T. Ševčenkos g. 16J-125, LT-03111 Vilnius.
Categories: building materials; building services; tools.
Address: Klaipėdos g. 106-40, LT-37380 Panevėžys.
Categories: passenger transport; buses, minibuses for rent; tourism, travels, services; transportation.
Passenger transportation in Panevezys, Lithuania, Europe; Company employees transportation to and from work; Excursion transportation in Lithuania and Europe; Buses and minibuses for rent from 6 to 55 seats; Transport rental for holidays, weddings, charter trips, tours, excursions, VIP customer transportation; New...
Address: Vėjų g. 6, LT-20138 Ukmergė.
Categories: agriculture, machinery; auto services; car parts; car roadside assistance; fuel, oil products, petrol stations; industrial equipment; tires, rims; transportation.
UAB Gourmet Pro
Address: Paribio g. 21B-2, LT-08129 Vilnius.
Categories: coffee, tea; dishes and cutlery; food products; wholesale.
Gourmet Pro is the official Austrian Riedel wine glass company and French tea company Kusmi Tea representative in Lithuania acting as wholesaler and retailer. More info www.gourmetpro.lt Gourmet Pro is running the professional rent business for Riedel glasses - we rent clean glasses and return unwashed. More info:...
Apskaitos paslaugų spektras
Address: Paukščių 2-oji g. 25, Mikašiūnų k., LT-14128 Vilniaus r.
Categories: accounting services; company establishment; consulting services; financial intermediation services.
Šypsenos ekspertai
Address: Druskininkų g. 69, Alytaus k., LT-64101 Alytaus r.
Categories: odonthology, services.
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