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Address: Širvintėlių kaimas, LT-19125 Širvintų r.
Categories: firewood; wood and its products.
The company prepares, sells and delivers high quality firewood. We manufacture fir, pine, ash, birch, black alder, alder, oak and aspen firewood. The firewood is cut to desired length (35-50 cm) and chopped. Chopped and regularly stacked firewood is transported by lorries containing 8 and 12 cubic meters each. We...
Medžių priežiūra
Address: Marijampolė.
Categories: landscaping.
UAB"Medžių priežiūra" based in Lithuania are dedicated to providing a professional, clean and efficient service that meets the need of our customers but also respects the environment. We work with residential, commercial and municipal clients with a fully qualified staff and specialize in all aspects of Tree...
Be medžių
Address: Vilniaus g. 93A-9, LT-41113 Biržai.
Categories: corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
Laikas medžiui
Address: Lietuvių g. 33A, LT-44171 Kaunas.
Categories: other activities.
D. Medziukienės IĮ
Address: Šermukšnių g. 1B-29, LT-01106 Vilnius.
Categories: coffee-bars, nightclubs, bars, restaurants.
Address: Giedraičių g. 93-51, LT-08214 Vilnius.
Categories: coffee-bars, nightclubs, bars, restaurants.
Išsaugokime Vilniaus medžius
Address: Šv. Ignoto g. 3-4, LT-01144 Vilnius.
Categories: corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
Medžiukų DNSB "Pavasaris"
Address: Pamiškės g. 8-3, Medžiukai, LT-19156 Širvintų r.
Categories: homeowners associations.
Medžiukų kraštas
Address: Plento g. 2, Medžiukų k., LT-19156 Širvintų r.
Categories: corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
Globokime medžius
Address: Pušyno g. 12, Biržūnai, LT-32210 Zarasų r.
Categories: charity and support.
Medžiūnienės PĮ
Address: Fabijoniškių g. 3-39, Vilnius.
Categories: computers and software.
"Medžiukų" kaimo bendruomenė
Address: Medžiukų k., Jauniūnų sen., Širvintų r.
Categories: communities.
L. Medžiuvienės IĮ
Address: Ašigalio g. 51A-1, LT-49144 Kaunas.
Categories: other activities.

Address: Montuotojų g. 8, LT-89101 Mažeikiai.
Categories: firewood; fuel, oil products, petrol stations; gas, gas equipment; heating, equipment; real estate; retail; transportation; wholesale.
SAURIDA GROUP offers advanced manufacturing technologies, innovation, good service and flexibility without compromising on the highest quality. We strive to meet the needs of our customers by improving ourselves every day, and the solutions we offer are always innovative and practical. The company has existed and...
Address: Linkuvos g. 85, LT-48313 Kaunas.
Categories: road building, repair, bridges; building materials; building services; labour safety; landscaping.
BIPA UAB was established in 1994, in Kaunas and was one of the first who started trading traffic safety and control solutions in Lithuania. Main activity of the company – engineering solutions for traffic safety, production, trade and assembly of steel constructions and transport safety equipment. Company also...
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