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Plastikos chirurgas Kęstutis Maslauskas
Address: Vičiūnų g. 24, LT-45325 Kaunas.
Categories: health care institutions; individual activity.
Address: Panerių g. 49, LT-03160 Vilnius.
Categories: fire safety systems; labour safety; learning courses; video surveillance systems; work at heights; work clothes.
Fire safety Types of Fire Extinguishers Water and Foam Water and Foam fire extinguishers extinguish the fire by taking away the heat element of the fire triangle. Foam agents also separate the oxygen element from the other elements. Water extinguishers are for Class A fires only - they should not be used on Class B...
Address: Pavenčių g. 6K1-10, LT-89189 Mažeikiai.
Categories: welding equipment; compressors, pumps; manufacturing; metal, processing, products; ship repair, construction.
UAB RESURSAS is founded in 2013 and now is one of a highly developing mechanical Contractors for Customers all over the Globe. UAB RESURSAS is a highly qualified, fully capable and knowledgeable Contractor ready to complete erection related works for Oil & Gas, Pulp & Mill, Construction, Food, Marine and other...
Address: A. Jakšto g. 7, LT-01105 Vilnius.
Categories: air transport, aviation; hotels, motels; tourism, travels, services; transportation.
Address: A. Jakšto g. 7, LT-01105 Vilnius.
Categories: export; industrial equipment; plastic, rubber and its products; secondary raw materials; tare, packings; waste management.
The business operations of PLAMIKA ltd. include: •Production of polyethylene films, garbage bags, waste bags, loose bags, pallet covers, liners, films with flexo-print, covers, etc. •Recycling of industrial plastic waste and utilized consumer good containers into secondary raw material. •Providing equipment for...
KARJERAS - smėlis, žvyras, žvirgždas, skalda gamyba ir prekyba

Address: Rizgonys, LT-55495 Jonavos r.
Categories: rawmaterials; building materials; building services; retail; stone products; wholesale.
Sidabro takas
Address: S. Daukanto g. 13, LT-92235 Klaipėda.
Categories: ventilation and conditioning services; designing; freezing equipment; heating, equipment.
Torus Solutions
Address: Perkūnkiemio g. 4A-1, LT-12128 Vilnius.
Categories: computers and software.
Torus Solutions is a business consultants which specializing in the deployment, implementation and support of specialized solutions based on leading enterprise solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX. We provide industry specific business solutions that are comprehensive, flexible and easily adaptable, combined with a...
Address: S. Stanevičiaus g. 74-4, LT-07112 Vilnius.
Categories: fishery, fish products.

Address: Pušų g. 23, Aukštuolė, LT-15204 Vilniaus r.
Categories: other activities.
Batų namai LT
Address: Didžioji g. 39-2, LT-57257 Kėdainiai.
Categories: footwear.
Bg Logistics
Address: K. Donelaičio g. 19A, LT-92141 Klaipėda.
Categories: freight forwarding; logistics services.
Reko statyba
Address: Šiaurės pr. 36-70, LT-49225 Kaunas.
Categories: building services.
Baltijos fortas
Address: Kretingos g. 25-15, LT-92301 Klaipėda.
Categories: car rental; office for rent; real estate.
Address: Baltijos g. 49, LT-48299 Kaunas.
Categories: car registration, check-up; cars; consulting services; transportation.

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