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Kalifornijos kryptis

Address: Perkūnkiemio g. 13-91, LT-12114 Vilnius.
Categories: computer software development; computers (maintenance, repair); internet, services; web development, hosting.
We develop websites and online-applications. Making beautiful and comfortable to use websites, that will help your users to solve their tasks, and for you - to increase your profit. We are every time watching to details and developing projects very carefully. For all our projects prodived one year of guarantee...
Inovacijų kryptis

Address: V. Nagevičiaus g. 3, LT-08237 Vilnius.
Categories: advertising services; consulting services; internet, services.
Dizaino kryptis

Address: Laisvės pr. 88, LT-06125 Vilnius.
Categories: computer software development; graphics, design; internet, services; web development, hosting.
Dvi kryptys Plius

Address: Žaros 20-oji g. 7, Brinkiškės, LT-14228 Vilniaus r.
Categories: office equipment; computer software development; computers (maintenance, repair); connection and telecommunication services; office supplies; paper and its products; video surveillance systems.
Kelios kryptys
Mobili virtuvė "Žiupsnis"

Address: Beržiškių g. 4, Beržiškių k., LT-13224 Vilniaus r.
Categories: food delivery at home.
Inžinerinė kryptis
Address: Alsėdžių g. 5-12, LT-44473 Kaunas.
Categories: architects; designing; metal, processing, products; ventilation and conditioning services.
Euro Kryptis
Address: Aušros al. 68, LT-76233 Šiauliai.
Categories: labour exchange, employment; recruitment.
Šildymo kryptis
Address: Vilnius.
Categories: building services; designing; freezing equipment; plumbing; ventilation and conditioning services.
Baltų kryptis
Address: Viršuliškių g. 91-44, LT-05117 Vilnius.
Categories: wood and its products; building materials.
Automobilių kryptis
Address: Kalvarijų g. 125, LT-08221 Vilnius.
Categories: car registration, check-up; car security and other supplementary systems.
Teisinga kryptis
Address: Padvarės g. 46, LT-14281 Vilnius.
Categories: agriculture, services; flowers and decorative plants; gardening; landscaping.
Būsto kryptis
Address: Kęstučio g. 54, LT-08112 Vilnius.
Categories: individual activity; real estate.
A kryptis
Address: Sandėlių g. 74, LT-95107 Klaipėda.
Categories: clothing; event organization; manufacturing; office for rent.
Sava kryptis
Address: A. Smetonos al. 73-2, LT-45301 Kaunas.
Categories: architects; building services; designing.
Kita kryptis
Address: Laisvės al. 11-3A, LT-44238 Kaunas.
Categories: architects; designing.
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