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implant in Palanga

Palangos odontologijos klinika
DR odontologijos klinika

Address: Kretingos g. 26-1, LT-00128 Palanga.
Categories: odonthology, services.
Palangos odontologijos centras
Address: Vytauto g. 106-2, LT-00133 Palanga.
Categories: health care institutions; odonthology, services.
Baltijos odontologijos centras
Address: Medvalakio g. 6, LT-00143 Palanga.
Categories: odonthology, services.
We pride ourselves on providing the best standart of care for our patients. Constantly improving our knowledge and skills through courses and lectures, combining leading techniques with modern materials, we strive to adminster the most up-to-date treatment methodologies. Click on the links below for details.
IĮ "Paldenta"
Address: Sodų g. 46-28, LT-00142 Palanga.
Categories: health care institutions; odonthology, services.
Šveicarijos klinika
Address: J. Šliūpo g. 11-2, LT-00135 Palanga.
Categories: health care institutions.

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