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Čili Holdings
Address: Žalgirio g. 114, LT-09300 Vilnius.
Categories: coffee-bars, nightclubs, bars, restaurants; food delivery at home.
Čili is the largest restaurant chain in Lithuania, presenting delicious high-quality cuisine, a pleasant environment and a friendly atmosphere. Well into its third decade, the food chain has gained recognition among its clients and enjoys a broad circle of steady customers. Čili (eng. Chili) became a synonym for...
Imlitex Holdings
Address: Europos pr. 124, LT-46351 Kaunas.
Categories: chemical manufacturing; energetics, alternative energetics; feed, food for animals; fuel, oil products, petrol stations; plastic, rubber and its products; tare, packings; wholesale.
RSIB Holdings
Address: L. Stuokos-Gucevičiaus g. 7, LT-01122 Vilnius.
Categories: investing activities.
RSIB Holdings Art Foundation
Address: L. Stuokos- Gucevičiaus g. 7, LT-01122 Vilnius.
Categories: other activities.
UAB "Resolution Holdings"
Address: Konstitucijos pr. 21C, Vilnius.
Categories: consulting services; cosmetic, parfumery.
UAB Indorama Holdings Europe
Address: Metalo g. 16, Klaipėda.
Categories: domestic applieances, repair; manufacturing.
UAB "MJ Holdings"
Address: Konstitucijos pr. 15, LT-09319 Vilnius.
Categories: consulting services.
Sopro Holdings
Address: Žalgirio g. 90, LT-09303 Vilnius.
Categories: other activities.
Magnus Holdings, Lietuvos ir Jungtinės Karalystės
Address: P. Vileišio g. 18-301, LT-10306 Vilnius.
Categories: consulting services.
MS Holdings, UAB
Address: Universiteto g. 2-523, Akademija, LT-53343 Kauno r.
Categories: other activities.
UAB "Pv Holdings"
Address: Naugarduko g. 97, Vilnius.
Categories: consulting services.
Address: Ozo g. 25, Vilnius.
Categories: security services.
Nando Holdings
Address: Universiteto g. 8A, Akademija, LT-53341 Kauno r.
Categories: other activities.
Rittal Holdings Baltic
Address: Galinės g. 1, Galinė, LT-14274 Vilniaus r.
Categories: consulting services.
UAB Blue Ant Holdings
Address: Rugių g. 2, Vilnius.
Categories: consulting services; security services.

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GBP 1.1619 €
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Russian ruble
RUB 0.0141 €
Belarussian ruble
BYN 0.4413 €
Australian dollar
AUD 0.6159 €
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Czech koruna
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Norwegian krone
NOK 0.0982 €
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SEK 0.0932 €
Swiss franc
CHF 0.9088 €
Turkish lira
TRY 0.1541 €
Ukrainian hryvnia
UAH 0.0379 €
Bank of Lithuania, 2019-10-23

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