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food and beverages

Privačios ribotos atsakomybės akcinės bendrovės BALTIC FOOD & BEVERAGES filialas
Address: S. Konarskio g. 49, Vilnius.
Categories: other activities.
Baltic Pack
Pakavimo priemonės ir įrengimai maisto pramonei

Address: Ateities pl. 40, LT-52112 Kaunas.
Categories: food production and processing equipment; food products; industrial equipment; plastic, rubber and its products; tare, packings; technological equipment; wholesale.
BALTIC PACK, UAB – ALL PACKAGING OPTIONS Packages and packaging of meat and meat products Packages and packaging of fish and fish products Packages and packaging of dairy products Packages and packaging of bakery and confectionery products Packages and packaging of fruits and vegetables BALTIC PACK, UAB – AREAS OF...
Address: Laumių g. 50, LT-08402 Vilnius.
Categories: alcoholic beverages; food products; soft beverages; translation.
“Correling” platform is a free guide for making European Union labels and for professional verification, translation and SGS label review and verifications services in one electronic system. The system offers forms for preparing food and beverage labels under structured European Union requirements. Currently, the...
Genba Taste
Ingredientai maisto pramonei

Address: Veiverių g. 150, LT-46391 Kaunas.
Categories: food products; retail; wholesale.
GENBA Taste is a company supplying food industry ingredients, raw materials and spices and implementing technological solutions in the food industry. Successfully operating and consistently growing since 2008, the company is known for its fast and flexible customer service, quality products, professional...
Address: Šaltupio g. 9, "LANGASA", LT-02300 Vilnius.
Categories: designing; food production and processing equipment; industrial equipment; tare, packings.
Packaging equipment, bottles/cups filling equipment, bottling lines, weighing - dosing equipment, for packaging of beverages, food products, other liquid bulk and non-food products. Marking-coding equipment, full range of the labeling equipment (self-adhesive, cold glue or hot melt), and others. Palletizing and...

Address: Žvejų g. 2-1a, LT-09310 Vilnius.
Categories: coffee-bars, nightclubs, bars, restaurants; event organization; food delivery at home; food production and processing equipment.
ČIOP ČIOP is the leading culinary studio chain in the Baltic states. In the beginning ČIOP ČIOP work was mainly concentrated on culinary courses and private alternative entertainment, in particular - preparing meals together with professional chefs. The studio started its work in industrial loft and this year it...
Pakavimo medžiagos

Address: Kalvarijos g. 38, LT-46346 Kaunas.
Categories: dishes and cutlery; plastic, rubber and its products; tare, packings; wholesale.
Private limited liability company Starpakas was registered in Lithuania on 29 July 1999. The company's main business is wholesale of disposable tableware and packaging materials. Our company offers an extensive range of disposable tupperware for hot meal takeaways and for all kinds of celebrations and outdoor...
Roquette Amilina
Address: J. Janonio g. 12, LT-35101 Panevėžys.
Categories: feed, food for animals; food products; manufacturing; paper and its products.
One of the biggest North Eastern EU bio-refinery structured industrial manufacturers, “Amilina” processes wheat into native and cationic starches, provides a large scale of products dedicated for nature-based high carbohydrate food and non-food applications, widely used as raw material for various industries, incl...
Address: Meistrų g. 10, LT-02189 Vilnius.
Categories: insurance; logistics services; transportation.
International transport and logistics services, cargo insurance. Location: Central, South, West Europe, Baltic states, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. Type of goods: food and beverages, building materials, textile, plastics, furniture, household and hazardous chemicals.
Address: V. Kudirkos g. 64, LT-68293 Marijampolė.
Categories: alcoholic beverages; food products; warehouses; wholesale.
International trade and local Lithuanian distribution of food products, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, coffee, eggs, grains, flour, oil, pasta, salt, spices, ketchups and sauces, soda, vinegar, beer, personal and house cafe products, pet food. Warehousing services, stickering, loading/unloading

Address: Vilniaus g. 134, LT-76296 Šiauliai.
Categories: other activities.
Specialized beverage store. Retail sale of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and food.
Address: Vinco Kudirkos g. 18, LT-00200 Vilnius.
Categories: confectionery, sweets; export; food products; import.
Manufactor confectionery Distribution of food Food & Beverages Commercial detergents Commercial cars (import-export) Commercial vehicles. Freight. special equipment. construction equipment. road construction equipment. Distribution of food Confectionery Building material trade (import-export) Consulting Customs...
Tumosa ir partneriai
Address: Bendorėlių 2-oji al. 32, Bendorių k., LT-14180 Vilniaus r.
Categories: food production and processing equipment; industrial equipment.
Tumosa ir partneriai UAB delivers reliable machinery for food and beverages industry. Our goal is to be client's everyday partner while providing him with full-scale consultations and advice on production development and modernisation issues.
Address: Kauno g. 63, LT-20018 Ukmergė.
Categories: alcoholic beverages; import.
The main activity is wholesale and retail of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Lithuania. The import of alcoholic beverages in Lithuania. The trade of food and spices in Lithuania.

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