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Statybinės medžiagos

Address: Vandžiogalos pl. 90, LT-47468 Kaunas.
Categories: building materials; export; facade, decoration; import; interior materials; lighting; roofs, coverings, services; thermal insolation, renovation; walls, ceiling; wholesale.
The company “Bauen” is Lithuanian stock company engaged in construction materials marketing. Our clients are large, medium and small construction and commercial enterprises, also construction managers, persons engaged in building, reconstruction of the residential houses, apartments (flats) and other buildings...
Stogai, fasadai, atitvaros

Address: Pramonės g. 16, Vaidotai, LT-14149 Vilniaus r.
Categories: roofs, coverings, services; facade, decoration.
Mažeikių Varduva
Statybinės ir apdailos medžiagos

Address: Naujoji g. 4, LT-89101 Mažeikiai.
Categories: building materials; auto services; building services; export; interior materials; office for rent; plumbing; retail; thermal insolation, renovation; tires, rims.
Ruukki, Rheinzink stogų dangos

Address: V. Putvinskio g. 12-1, LT-44212 Kaunas.
Categories: roofs, coverings, services; building services; facade, decoration; metal construction; metal, processing, products; thermal insolation, renovation; walls, ceiling; windows.
Urban Domus
Address: J. Galvydžio g. 5, LT-08236 Vilnius.
Categories: building services; facade, decoration; roofs, coverings, services; walls, ceiling.
Urban Domus is a Lithuania-based construction service company, founded in 2010. Urban Domus made a priority to maintain high quality performance in Sweden as it is registered in Sweden tax agency and has all the necessary documentation to perform it’s activity: “F-skatt” “FORA insurance” “Workers trade union...
Amžinas medis

Address: Santariškių g. 31-23, LT-08437 Vilnius.
Categories: paints and varnishes; floors, floor coverings; interior materials; wholesale; wood and its products.
Fasado ir stogo darbai

Address: Mokyklos g. 1, Viešvilė, LT-74233 Jurbarko r.
Categories: roofs, coverings, services; building services; facade, decoration; manufacturing.
Facade and roof works: sandwich panels intallation, profiled steel decking, tinning works, sheet metal folding, tin profiling and mounting.

Address: Krokuvos g. 53-3, LT-09306 Vilnius.
Categories: building services.
Fasado apdaila
Address: Kauno g. 29, LT-78104 Šiauliai.
Categories: building materials; building services; facade, decoration; walls, ceiling.
The main activity of the company: Sale of building materials (construction of warm buildings, thermal insulation for buildings, facade decorations). OUR PRODUCTS: *BPICF (EPS 200) polystyrene building blocks. *Foundation polystyrene "L" forms. *Concrete roofing tiles. *Polystyrene EPS50, EPS60, EPS70, EPS80...
FASADO sprendimai
HART fasadų sistemos

Address: Švitrigailos g. 11A, LT-03228 Vilnius.
Categories: thermal insolation, renovation.
FASADO construction
Address: Švitrigailos g. 11A, LT-03228 Vilnius.
Categories: building services; thermal insolation, renovation.
Fasado Pastoliai
Address: J. Savickio g. 4-7, LT-01108 Vilnius.
Categories: building materials.
Address: J. Savickio g. 4-7, LT-01108 Vilnius.
Categories: building services.
Fasado asai
Address: Šermukšnių g. 23, Noreikiškės, LT-53363 Kauno r.
Categories: facade, decoration.
Fasado pasaulis
Address: Širvintų g. 33, Giedraičiai, LT-33274 Molėtų r.
Categories: facade, decoration.
Fasado projektai
Address: Moletūno g. 15, Ažubalių k., LT-33103 Molėtų r.
Categories: building services; designing.
Fasado vizija
Address: Plungės g. 9, LT-97135 Kretinga.
Categories: facade, decoration.

Address: Dūkštų g. 20-4, LT-07172 Vilnius.
Categories: roofs, coverings, services; building services; facade, decoration; metal construction; thermal insolation, renovation; work at heights.
Langų gama
GAMA Langai

Address: Beržuonos g. 1, LT-02121 Vilnius.
Categories: windows; consulting services; doors, locks, keys; facade, decoration; glass and glassware; manufacturing; wood and its products.
Established in 2009, Langų Gama Ltd is a company that manufactures wooden windows, front doors, and façade structures. Its greatest aim from the very beginning has always been the achievement of the highest quality. Therefore, Lithuanian and international customers, who appreciate our exceptional products, remember...
Monolitinės konstrukcijos, surenkamas gelžbetonis

Address: Melioratorių g. 1D, LT-89145 Mažeikiai.
Categories: building services; concrete products; demolition, drilling; engineering networks; facade, decoration; geodesy, cartography; metal construction; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; thermal insolation, renovation.
KG Constructions
Address: Pramonės g. 15, Parapijoniškės, LT-13241 Vilniaus r.
Categories: facade, decoration; building services; glass and glassware; manufacturing.
KG Constructions has been developing the most advanced facade solutions for 15 years. We apply the latest technologies in the production of aluminum-glass structures, thus modernizing European cities. We work in all Scandinavian countries and Lithuania. We offer our clients services at all stages of project...
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