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UAB "Fakto" autocentras
Address: Laisvės pr. 1, LT-03150 Vilnius.
Categories: auto services; car parts; cars.
Company is a member of authorized Nissan, Hyundai and Citroen networks having the right to purchase and resell new and used Nissan, Hyundai and Citroen vehicles and to purchase, use and resell Nissan, Hyundai and Citroen spare parts and carry out repair and maintenance services, including warranty maintenance and...
UAB "Fakto" autocentras [Laisvės 3A filialas]
"FaktoAuto" Hyundai ir Citroen centras

Address: Laisvės pr. 3A, LT-04132 Vilnius.
Categories: auto services; car parts; car registration, check-up; cars.
Fakto fėja
Address: V. Nagevičiaus g. 3, LT-08237 Vilnius.
Categories: manufacturing; other activities.
Taurus fondas

Address: K. Kalinausko g. 2B, LT-03107 Vilnius.
Categories: finance services.
With more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector, the Faktoro Team provides financial support to small and medium-sized businesses when they need it. By ensuring complete data protection and confidentiality, we finance invoices quickly and easily. If you haven’t used our factoring yet – try! We are...
Forex Faktorius
Accuhedge.solutions/ forexfactor.lt

Address: Nugalėtojų g. 26-7, LT-10105 Vilnius.
Categories: learning courses; consulting services; information supply; other activities.
Muzikos faktorius
Address: Sausio 15-osios g. 7-2, LT-91228 Klaipėda.
Categories: event organization; musical instruments; restaurant equipment; retail; wholesale.
Pi faktorius
Address: Veiverių g. 9B-1, LT-11346 Vilnius.
Categories: electroinstallation works; engineering networks; fire safety systems; indoor security systems.
Address: Priegliaus g. 3-5, LT-06269 Vilnius.
Categories: consulting services.
Citadele faktoringas ir lizingas
Address: Upės g. 21-1, LT-08128 Vilnius.
Categories: financial intermediation services.
Address: Partizanų g. 61-806, LT-49282 Kaunas.
Categories: architects; graphics, design.
Statybos faktorius
Address: Ramybės g. 4-70, LT-02103 Vilnius.
Categories: building services.
SD faktorialas
Address: Verkių g. 42, Vilnius.
Categories: cars; logistics services; transportation.
UAB "Sėkmės Faktorius"
Address: Jurgio Baltrušaičio g. 9-22, Vilnius.
Categories: computers (maintenance, repair); computers and software.
Angliškasis faktorius
Address: Švitrigailos g. 26-13, LT-03209 Vilnius.
Categories: language courses.
Finansinis faktorius
Address: Valonų g. 18, LT-11330 Vilnius.
Categories: accounting services.
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