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Wood and its products

Address: Daubos g. 1C, LT-78150 Šiauliai.
Categories: firewood; manufacturing; tare, packings; wholesale; wood and its products.
We sell various types of industrial pallets: EPAL pallets (1200x800x145 mm), non-standard pallets, disposable pallets and pallet collars pivot (600x800, 1000X1200, 1200x800). We sell pallet blanks, timber and boards Sell it to produce biofuels and the right products: wood chips, sawdust, bark. PALLETS: Epal Pallets...

Address: Montuotojų g. 8, LT-89101 Mažeikiai.
Categories: firewood; fuel, oil products, petrol stations; gas, gas equipment; heating, equipment; real estate; retail; transportation; wholesale.
SAURIDA GROUP offers advanced manufacturing technologies, innovation, good service and flexibility without compromising on the highest quality. We strive to meet the needs of our customers by improving ourselves every day, and the solutions we offer are always innovative and practical. The company has existed and...
Holz Riva

Address: K. Donelaičio g. 24-405, LT-44239 Kaunas.
Categories: firewood.
UAB Holz RIVA was established in 23-12-2005 for performance of wholesale trade of wood products – import / export. Our activities: – winter / summer season goods supply to retail chains Our products Briquettes - Pini Kay Briquettes - Nestro Briquettes - RUF Firewood: Leafwood mix - box 1 m3 Beech wood - box 1 m3...
Aqua Centrum
Kaučiuko izoliacija Armaflex®

Address: Prancūzų g. 12, Aukštkiemiai, LT-92359 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: freezing equipment; heating, equipment; ventilation and conditioning services; wood and its products.
JSC "AQUA CENTRUM" is a private company founded in 2005 in Klaipėda. The company is actively involved in the Lithuanian market, as well as exporting its leading manufacturers to European and Scandinavian countries. The main specialization of the company is the supply of engineering products. The company has...
Address: Daubos g. 9, LT-78150 Šiauliai.
Categories: firewood; tare, packings; wood and its products.
In Europe, biofuel travels westwards. Biofuel products like wood pellets and briquettes typically originate in the densely-forested East, and end up being used to warm up the households of the West. REDAL is a family-owned and environmentally-aware company that was founded with a mission to make the westward flow...
Address: Parko g. 25, Smalininkai, LT-74224 Jurbarko r.
Categories: doors, locks, keys; manufacturing; transportation; wholesale; windows; wood and its products.
Gera anglis
Anglis. Medžio drožlių granulės. AB„Plasta“ gaminiai

Address: Savanorių pr. 180A, (Vilkpėdė), LT-03154 Vilnius.
Categories: economy goods; fuel, oil products, petrol stations; heating, equipment; plastic, rubber and its products.
Fiskaras - manipuliatorius - sunkvežimis su kranu nuoma ir krovinių pervežimas

Address: Vaišvydo g. 20, LT-45482 Kaunas.
Categories: elevators, lifts; hydraulics, pneumatics; machinery, equipment, rental; transportation.
Malkos kurui
Address: Vingio g. 8, Judrėnai, LT-96291 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: firewood; forestry, forest goods; wood and its products.
UAB "Malkona"
Address: Pramonės g. 19D, LT-87101 Telšiai.
Categories: firewood; heating, equipment.
Address: Savanorių pr. 221, LT-02300 Vilnius.
Categories: export; import; retail; wholesale.

Address: Pramonės g. 26, LT-11115 Vilnius.
Categories: fuel, oil products, petrol stations; heating, equipment; plumbing; retail; wood and its products.
Baltijos anglis

Address: Naujoji g. 1, LT-27101 Vilnius.
Categories: firewood; fuel, oil products, petrol stations; heating, equipment; rawmaterials; retail; wholesale.
Address: Tyzenhauzų g. 4-64, LT-02108 Vilnius.
Categories: cloth, fabrics; firewood; plastic, rubber and its products; soft beverages; work clothes.
"Skuodo Ž.Ū.T."
Address: Statybininkų g. 4, LT-98129 Skuodas.
Categories: agriculture, machinery; building materials; fertilizers; fuel, oil products, petrol stations.
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