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baldu imone

Baldų jūra, parduotuvė

Address: Šilutės pl. 87, LT-94101 Klaipėda.
Categories: furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); furniture production materials; retail; wholesale.
Dzūkijos baldų fabrikas
Minkštų bei kietų baldų gamyba

Address: Nemuno g. 29, Radžiūnų k., LT-62181 Alytaus r.
Categories: export; furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); furniture production materials; manufacturing.
The company has been working for more than twenty years in furniture manufacturing. Successfully developing its business in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Sweden. The company produces a variety of custom and standard products for a restaurant, bar, hotel, office and home. A...

Address: Gardino g. 5-81, LT-78241 Šiauliai.
Categories: furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade).
Baldų linija
Address: Liepų g. 3, Padubysio k., LT-60273 Raseinių r.
Categories: designing; furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); graphics, design; interior materials; manufacturing.
Minkštų baldų idėja
Address: Gilijos g. 71, Trušelių k., LT-92337 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); furniture production materials; manufacturing.
Gerų baldų fabrikas

Address: Vyturių g. 8E, LT-76397 Šiauliai.
Categories: furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); manufacturing.
UAB "Digintara"
Klasikinių senovinių antikvarinių baldų salonas "IZABELĖ"

Address: Mokyklos g. 13, LT-91263 Klaipėda.
Categories: furniture (trade); retail.
Trade antique, with old, classic furniture and interior details

Address: Kalvarijų g. 125, LT-08221 Vilnius.
Categories: furniture (trade); office equipment; office for rent; real estate.
Vilniaus filialas

Address: Kalvarijų g. 125, PC Baldų rojus, LT-07150 Vilnius.
Categories: furniture (trade); retail.
Baldų arsenalas
Address: Viršuliškių g. 40, LT-09109 Vilnius.
Categories: designing; furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); manufacturing.
UAB "Baldų Spalvos"
Address: Dzūkų g. 10B, LT-02163 Vilnius.
Categories: designing; furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); manufacturing.
We offer a comlex of solution for your home or office. Services: 1. Substandart furniture (sets of furniture, soft furnishing, chairs, etc.) 2. Shopfitting 3. Ordinary and luxury domestic electric appliances 4. Designing
SBA baldų kompanija
Address: Joniškės g. 21, LT-91267 Klaipėda.
Categories: furniture (trade).
The SBA Furniture Company commenced its operation in 2003. The enterprise is responsible for the sales of the SBA Furniture Group, development of new products, and implementation of business development projects. The SBA Furniture Company owns five factories in Lithuania - "Klaipėdos baldai", "Šilutės baldai"...
Baldų noras
Address: Betygalos g. 31, Skirmantiškės k., LT-60473 Raseinių r.
Categories: furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); manufacturing.
Baldų Magija

Address: Pietariai, LT-68100 Marijampolė.
Categories: furniture (trade).
Augio baldų centras
Address: Kęstučio g. 41, LT-08123 Vilnius.
Categories: furniture (trade); graphics, design; online stores.
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