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ba-prekyba in Prienai district

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Address: Kauno pl. 32, Mačiūnai, LT-59157 Prienų r.
Categories: building services; manufacturing; roofs, coverings, services; wood and its products; wooden houses.
Company Description The UAB “Ecodomus” factory is one of the most innovative factories in the Baltic States. Products: roof trusses, roof structure trade, panel (frame) houses, wall panel trade, and various design services. The company’s main aim is to provide the clients with highest quality services and all of...
Ekologiškų ir paprastų kruopų gamyba

Address: Plento g. 39, Naraukelis, LT-59272 Prienų r.
Categories: agriculture, services; cereals, agriculture; cloth, fabrics; ecological products; export; food products; import; manufacturing; online stores; wholesale.
UAB Ekofrisa is one of the major grain processing companies in the Baltic States. The company buys grain and processes it into grits, flakes and flour. Advanced production technology enables to offer a wide assortment of goods: All kinds of simple and organic grain (buckwheat, groats, pear barley, wheat, millet...
Address: Petkeliškių g. 23, Čiurlių k., LT-59291 Prienų r.
Categories: export; manufacturing; retail; tare, packings; wholesale; wood and its products.
Alsena is one of the leading pallet manufacturers in Baltic States. We can provide full service from production of new pallets to collection, sorting and repair of used wooden pallets. We have more than 20 years experience in wooden packaging business and can proudly call ourselves packaging experts.
Laidojimo paslaugos Jiezne, Birštone, Prienų raj.

Address: Vytauto g. 32, Jieznas, LT-59427 Prienų r.
Categories: flowers and decorative plants; gifts, souvenirs; ritual services and goods; tombstones, monuments.
Address: Mauručių k., LT-59290 Prienų r.
Categories: building services; transportation.
Address: Mokyklos g. 3, Veiveriai, LT-59295 Prienų r.
Categories: automation; industrial equipment; technological equipment.
Robotex Ltd. is a robotics and automation solutions company founded in 2009. Our specialization is the integration of robots in industrial enterprises in order to increase production efficiency, ensure constant quality of production and reduce production costs. We provide a wide range of services - from...
Address: Kauno g. 46-5, Veiveriai, LT-59292 Prienų r.
Categories: bread, cakes and other baked products; food production; manufacturing.
Address: Klebiškis, LT-59100 Prienų r.
Categories: manufacturing; wood and its products.
Grūšelionių sodyba
Address: Plytinės g. 3, Verbyliškių k., LT-59431 Prienų r.
Categories: countryside tourism; flowers and decorative plants; machinery, equipment, rental; sport and tourism goods.
Address: Verknės g. 42, Pakrovų k., LT-59374 Prienų r.
Categories: car parts; cars.
Mauručių ąžuolas
Address: Mauručiai, LT-59290 Prienų r.
Categories: stone products; tombstones, monuments.
Address: Lentpjūvės g. 10, Pakuonis, Prienų r.
Categories: car parts.

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