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Kalvarijų g. 77, LT-09318 Vilnius.
Categories: beauty salons and barber's shops; advertising services; cosmetic, parfumery; individual activity; information supply.
Žalgirio g. 90, LT-09303 Vilnius.
Categories: real estate; consulting services; mediation.
Pamėnkalnio g. 17, LT-01114 Vilnius.
Categories: seo services; advertising services; web development, hosting.
Market Rats is probably the largest specialized SEO agency in Lithuania focused on strategic growth of projects. Over 10 years experience in search engine optimization (since 2010); 95% of the company revenue from SEO services; More than 300 customers; More than 500 optimized projects; Experience in the markets of...
Laurų Sodų 3-ioji g. 1, LT-10150 Vilnius.
Categories: web development, hosting; advertising services; consulting services; seo services.
Effective digital marketing for your business growth. Digital marketing, Google Ads, SEO, social networks management, consulting, marketing, project management, PR, communication, e-commerce.
Drobės g. 62, LT-45181 Kaunas.
Categories: web development, hosting; advertising services.
Rocket Science is a branding concept for B2B (business-to-business) digital marketing agency, made of five spacemen who work on launching different types of rockets in a single space station: from idea craft to design, website, video, copywriting and digital marketing. Rocket Science branding concept is related to...
V. Nagevičiaus g. 3, LT-08237 Vilnius.
Categories: web development, hosting; advertising services; graphics, design; online stores.
Kas mes? Mes esame visas e-verslo auginimo paslaugas teikianti kūrybinė agentūra. Mūsų tikslas – smulkiems ar vidutinio dydžio verslams suteikti galimybę perkelti savo verslą į skaitmeninį lygmenį. Kiekvienas skaitmeninės rinkodaros projektas kelia skirtingus iššūkius ir kiekvienas verslas turi savo unikalius...
Jurgio Baltrušaičio g. 11-125, LT-06145 Vilnius.
Categories: coffee, tea; food products; restaurant equipment; wholesale.
AD Market specializes in supplying high quality coffee, professional coffee-making equipment and other bar products. AD Market has an exclusive distributor agreement with CHICCO D'ORO to market the coffee. AD Market represented trademarks: CHICCO D'ORO (coffee producer, Switzerland) Caotina (chocolate drink...
Turgaus g. 10, Jašiūnai, LT-17249 Šalčininkų r.
Categories: consulting services.
MARKET P2S - MARKETING FROM PERCEPTION TO SOLUTION Marketing and Communication: MARKETP2S team creates marketing and communication strategies, which follows the formula, suggested by global business leader Peter Fisk: “RATIONALITY + CREATIVITY = GENIALITY”. MARKETP2S team follows the basic principles of knowledge...
Aukštaičių g. 4C, -, LT-11341 Vilnius.
Categories: advertising services; graphics, design.
We are offering visual marketing solutions for fashion, beauty and health brands who seek aesthetic and creative product introduction on social media and other channels.
Didžioji g. 30, LT-01128 Vilnius.
Categories: advertising services; event organization; graphics, design; web development, hosting.
full scope marketing agency specialized in B2B strategy&communication Integrated Marketing Communication & PR Marketing & Positioning Strategies Export Marketing Strategies & Execution Digital B2B Marketing & Content Marketing web&creative Brand Identity Design B2B Websites Design & Development Business...
Judrės g. 6, Pajudrio k., LT-96290 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: mediation; consulting services; labour exchange, employment; photography services, equipment.
B.M.C. is one of the mayor companies for the supply of photographic equipment around the Baltic Sea: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Poland and Belarus. B.M.C - a strong name for photo retailers. The extensive assortment, in-depth expertise and a wide range of photographic services make the B.M.C. dealer the...
Tulpių g. 4, Bijūnai, LT-53302 Kauno r.
Categories: computers and software; computer software development.
Our goal is to work with potential customers and provide qualified help in track, optimise, develope and implement campaigns across all digital marketing channels
Vilniaus g. 35, LT-01119 Vilnius.
Categories: recruitment; consulting services; labour exchange, employment; learning courses.
Business consulting, head hunting, sales strategies. We specialize in headhunting and selection of executive, IT, sales, marketing and other professionals, head hunting, recruitment. We consult in sales strategies, tactical actions, we help to succeed in increasing sales. We conduct internal sales training for...
Vilkpėdės g. 20A, LT-03151 Vilnius.
Categories: web development, hosting; advertising services; graphics, design; seo services.
Adveits - a professional, creative team with extensive knowledge that offers novel, unique and creative IT projects development and advertising services oriented to your own business success for clients. We can become your business partners or help to implement a one-time project. Today, we live in a world that is...
Universiteto al. 19, KU Verslo inkubatorius, 4 aukštas, LT-92294 Klaipėda.
Categories: recruitment; consulting services; labour exchange, employment; psychologists, psychotherapists.
More about us: http://www.atranka360.lt Atranka360 is a personnel recruitment and selection company that provides targeted and direct assistance to businesses in attracting the best professionals and managers across Lithuania. All of our selection professionals have in-depth knowledge in psychology and business...
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