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apsaugos firmos

Saugos Tarnyba

Address: Sukilėlių pr. 20, LT-50157 Kaunas.
Categories: fire safety systems; indoor security systems; security services; video surveillance systems.
Aplinkos apsaugos sprendimai
Address: Eitminų g. 18, 119 ofisas, LT-12145 Vilnius.
Categories: car repair and petrol station equipment; cleaning materials; cleaning services; environmental protection; tare, packings; warehouses.
JSC Aplinkos apsaugos sprendimai (Nature protect solutions) is Lithuanian company which specializes in manufacturing absorbents and other equipment needed to protect environment. Our specification - to satisfy customers with nature protect production. We sell all range of absorbents (oil-only, for chemicals, basic...
Apsaugos konsultacijų ir transporto kontrolės centras

Address: Taikos g. 130A, LT-05226 Vilnius.
Categories: indoor security systems.
Apsaugos kodas
Address: Kauno g. 35, Ramučių k., LT-54467 Kauno r.
Categories: building services; electroinstallation works; fire safety systems; video surveillance systems.
Apsaugos komanda
Address: Lakunų g. 14B, LT-09108 Vilnius.
Categories: indoor security systems; security services; video surveillance systems.
Apsaugos Grupė
Address: Šiaurės pr. 41-54, LT-49199 Kaunas.
Categories: security services; video surveillance systems.
Lietuvos augalų apsaugos asociacija
Address: Laisvės pr. 125, LT-06118 Vilnius.
Categories: corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
Vaikų teisių apsaugos tarnyba
Address: A. Vivulskio g. 13, LT-03221 Vilnius.
Categories: public institutions.
Protection of children rights A child is an individual below the age of 18. Due to their special status, children are a specific group of people. Like the adults, they enjoy the same natural, political and civic rights. However, because of their legal incapacity children cannot represent their rights themselves...
Ekosistemų apsaugos centras

Address: Naisių k., LT-86433 Kelmės r.
Categories: environmental protection.
Asmens privatumo gynimo ir duomenų apsaugos asociacija APGIDA

Address: Viekšnupio g. 4, Virbališkiai, LT-53456 Kauno r.
Categories: corporations, unions, committees, foundations; information supply.
Apsaugos verslo grupė, asociacija
Address: Taikos g. 130A, LT-05226 Vilnius.
Categories: corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
Kompleksinės Apsaugos Sistemos
Address: Partizanų g. 24, LT-50218 Kaunas.
Categories: indoor security systems; wholesale.
Relinės apsaugos ekspertai
Address: R. Kalantos g. 161, LT-52315 Kaunas.
Categories: designing; energetics, alternative energetics; engineering networks; industrial equipment.
Elektroninės technologijos
Apsaugos sistemos "GsmAlarm"

Address: Tilžės g. 80A-1, LT-78132 Šiauliai.
Categories: automation; computer software development; electronic equipment and parts; indoor security systems; manufacturing; video surveillance systems.
Private Joint-Stock Company "Elektronines Technologijos" has been performing successfully since 1998. Its basic directions are design and manufacturing of special purpose electronic equipment, software creation for single-crystal micro controllers. Main body of the company consists of highly qualified engineers -...
Aplinkos apsaugos agentūra
Address: A. Juozapavičiaus g. 9, LT-09311 Vilnius.
Categories: environmental protection; public institutions.
Priešgaisrinės apsaugos ir gelbėjimo departamentas prie LR VRM
Address: Švitrigailos g. 18, LT-03223 Vilnius.
Categories: emergency services; labour safety; public institutions.
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