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Address: Pramonės g. 15, LT-78137 Šiauliai.
Categories: bathes and bath equipment; fireplaces, stoves; heating, equipment; manufacturing; metal, processing, products.
UAB "Kalvis" is one of the largest steel processing plants in Lithuania that exports it‘s products into many countries of the world. It all began in 1961 when Šiauliai TV set manufacturing plant "Tauras" was found together with the workshop of non standard equipment manufacturing. The workshop designed and...
Vario Kalvis

Address: Palemono g. 1A, IIa, LT-52159 Kaunas.
Categories: building materials; roofs, coverings, services; tools.
Kalvis IT
Address: Architektų g. 58-97, LT-04111 Vilnius.
Categories: computers and software.
UAB "Baltijos Kalvis"
Address: Pramonės g. 15, Šiauliai.
Categories: wholesale; wood and its products.
Statybos kalvis
Address: Dainavos g. 22-22, LT-36243 Panevėžys.
Categories: building services.
V. Kryževičiaus kalvystės studija "Kalvis"
Address: Spaustuvės g. 6A, Panevėžys.
Categories: other activities.
Laimės kalvis
Address: M. Mažvydo al. 10-22, LT-92137 Klaipėda.
Categories: other activities.
Kalviškių Vaistinė, G. Cerebiejienės Įmonė
Address: Ateities g. 9-3, LT-66301 Druskininkai.
Categories: drugs, medical materials.
PIRČIŲ PASAULIS - nuo konsultacijos iki įrengimo!

Address: Draugystės g. 19, LT-51230 Kaunas.
Categories: bathes and bath equipment; manufacturing; retail; wholesale; wood and its products.

Address: Sėmenos g. 52A, Patamulšėlio k., LT-46164 Kauno r.
Categories: car refrigeration equipment; engineering networks; industrial equipment; technological equipment; tools; ventilation and conditioning services.
Flexibility is our strength which we can offer in all business areas: custom filter requests, fast manufacture terms, constant on time product procurement, extra services. We are situated in the heart of Lithuania, the city Kaunas – with great access to the main country roads and highways, logistically one of the...
Dainius Šarkus Kalvė
Address: Pavilnučio km., Švėkšna, LT-99056 Šilutės r.
Categories: art salons and galleries; gates; individual activity; metal construction; metal, processing, products.
Blacksmith products. Šarkaus forge offers you a wide selection of metal products from the gates to the artistical detailed interior. All products areauthentic, handmade, high-quality.
Kalviški darbai, gaminiai

Address: Pakalnės g. 5, Domeikava, LT-54354 Kauno r.
Categories: doors, locks, keys; fireplaces, stoves; furniture (manufacturing); gates; interior materials; manufacturing; metal, processing, products; roofs, coverings, services.
Vandens ratas
Prekyba santechnikos prekėmis

Address: Kalvarijų g. 125, LT-08221 Vilnius.
Categories: building materials; compressors, pumps; engineering networks; fireplaces, stoves; heating, equipment; measurments, devices; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; plumbing; retail; wholesale.
Metalai ir paslaugos
Metalo, nerūdijančio plieno gaminiai

Address: Gėlių g. 21, LT-68303 Marijampolė.
Categories: food production and processing equipment; industrial equipment; metal sales and purchase; metal, processing, products.
Kalvio kalvė

Address: T. Masiulio g. 18, Petrašiūnai, LT-52459 Kaunas.
Categories: furniture (trade); gates; lighting; manufacturing; metal, processing, products.
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