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UAB A ir J studija

Gamtos puokštė
Gamtos studija "Puokštė"

Address: Telšių g. 21, LT-91264 Klaipėda.
Categories: art salons and galleries; flowers and decorative plants; gardening; graphics, design.
Where to buy flowers in Klaipeda? We suggest you to visit our shop in "Akropolis" Taikos ave 61, Klaipeda (Go to Jewish Alley "Žydų alėja" 102/A, right near the main entrance). Alternatively you can get a warm welcome at our second shop in "Amberton" hotel arcade at Naujojo Sodo str.1. Our studio "Bouquet" was...
Anglų Kalbos Studija
Address: Paribio g. 30A-13, LT-08103 Vilnius.
Categories: language courses; learning courses; translation.
Projektavimo studija "Archera"

Address: Kęstučio g. 11, LT-87121 Telšiai.
Categories: architects; designing.
Šviesos studija

Address: T. Ševčenkos g. 16A, LT-03111 Vilnius.
Categories: designing; electronic equipment and parts; lighting; wholesale.
M&G reklamos gamybos studija
Address: Aušros al. 13, LT-76298 Šiauliai.
Categories: advertising services; gifts, souvenirs; graphics, design; printing houses, publishing services.

Address: Drobės g. 66, LT-45181 Kaunas.
Categories: art salons and galleries; electroinstallation materials; glass and glassware; lighting; manufacturing; wholesale.
"Lotoso" studija
Ashtanga Yoga Shala Vilnius

Address: Liepyno g. 2, LT-08108 Vilnius.
Categories: gyms.
Studija 2a
Address: V. Kuzmos g. 9-3, LT-44280 Kaunas.
Categories: architects; designing.
Dangų studija

Address: Savanorių pr. 175, LT-50177 Kaunas.
Categories: building materials; floors, floor coverings; interior materials; tools; walls, ceiling.
Address: Vilniaus g. 22, LT-76257 Šiauliai.
Categories: advertising services.
Stalo studija
Address: Santarvės g. 15D, LT-46398 Kaunas.
Categories: gifts, souvenirs; interior materials; sewing, materials.
AG studija
Architektūrinio projektavimo įmonė

Address: P. Kalpoko g. 1-10, LT-44146 Kaunas.
Categories: architects; designing.
AV architektūros studija
Address: Jaunimo g. 4-320, Akademija, LT-53342 Kauno r.
Categories: architects; designing.
INTERIOS keramikos studija
Address: Pilies g. 14, LT-01123 Vilnius.
Categories: art salons and galleries; ceramic products; gifts, souvenirs; manufacturing; retail.
Renginių fabrikas
Showart kūrybos studija

Address: Jasinskio g. 16c, LT-08221 Vilnius.
Categories: advertising services; entertainment and leisure; event organization; graphics, design.
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